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Healthy Eating

We all know that your time at University will never be an advert for healthy eating with convience food, student offers in resturants and kebabs after a night out tempting you away from your 5-a-day. Nonetheless, we’re here to show you how to make small changes to the way you eat to make sure you don’t fall into the ‘freshers’ flab’ trap!

From replacing a packet of crisps with an apple to cooking your own meal instead of eating out - it all makes a difference!

Also check out the discount at healthy food store CRUSSH purely for UCL students!

Below you can find advice on easy ways to eat well whilst at University….


Cheap and Healthy Recipe Ideas

For lots of ways to eat well on a student budget have a look through these websites:

We have a limited supply of cookbooks specifically for students to help you make cheap and healthy meals so let us know if you want one for free! Email a.hingley@ucl.ac.uk for more information.


Why should I eat my Five-A-Day?

You’ve probably been told to eat your fruit and veg because it’s good for you but have you ever wondered what makes it good for you?

There are plenty of old wives tales surrounding the benefits of eating well…carrotts make you see in the dark etc…but what are the real reasons you should make sure you have your Five-A-Day?

Research shows that vitamin C may stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and even scars…and is cheaper than face cream!

When you eat your five-a-day you are most likely replacing other foods which have a more negative impact on your waistline…crisps, fizzy drinks, chocolate, chips etc…

    5 easy ways to get your Five-A-Day…

    1. Grab a smoothie instead of an orange juice or fizzy drink- Innocent smoothies contain two of your Five-A-Day!

    2. Put an orange or an apple in your bag in the morning before going into Uni- when you’re bored during the day writing an essay or on the run between lectures it is an easy distraction/quick bite to eat!

    3. Buy some frozen vegetables to keep in your freezer- pop them in your microwave to have with a quick and easy dinner ( e.g fishfingers and chips!) to tick off another one of your Five-A-Day…

    4. If you’re going to one of the UCLU cafes for lunch grab a salad instead of a sandwich…they are as delicious!

    5. Fancy a mid afternoon snack? Grab some celery and homous
    (or light soft cheese) for a quick and easy fix before dinner…

    There are lots more ways to make sure you get your 5-a-day and to find them all you need to do is visit the NHS website which will even create recipes and shopping lists for you to make sure you get your 5-a-day everyday of the week…simple!

    Where to buy healthy food…health food

    The People’s Supermarket is nearby and has good food at affordable prices.

    If you fancy splashing out for lunch- pop to Planet Organic at 22 Torrington Place for home made organic hot food…yum!

    You can buy salads, fruit and jacket potatoes on campus from UCLU Bars and Cafes…at student prices!

    There are loads of markets at the weekend selling fruit and veg really cheap- and the produce will be fresher than your local supermarket. Find your nearest farmers’ market here.