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Dutch and Flemish Society

You know, the Dutch have much more to offer than drugs. Yeah, we were just as surprised to hear that as well once upon a time. But truth to be told they have one of the coolest national colours on their football jerseys (orange), one of the coolest monarchs (Willem-Alexander) and a dynamic culture, bringing nationalities from all over the world to this small country in the middle of Europe. Also, lest not forget the intense language conflict in Belgium (A part of Belgium, Flanders, is actually Dutch speaking).

If these reasons are not enough for you to join us, come along to one of our events and enjoy some of the best things this part of the world has to offer. Enjoy Dutch and Flemish treats, including the amazing Stroopwafels, at our weekly “Koffie-Uurje” and meet the folk that make up the Dutch crowd at UCL (and those who want to be part of it). Other perks include trips to Flanders or the Netherlands, collaborations with other Dutch and Flemish organisations around London, Pub crawls and of course celebrations of important Dutch holidays, including Sinterklaas Christmas celebration and the national euphoric celebration of Koningsdag.

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