University College London Union

Arabic Society

The UCLU Arabic Society is dedicated in providing an Arabic community within UCL that welcomes all individuals seeking to experience and learn about the Arabic culture. We are devoted to the exploring all that relates to the Arabic speaking Middle East, whilst maintaining firm religious and political neutrality. Its aim is to provide a clear linking thread that shows the unity, and at times, uniqueness of the region, culturally, politically, and economically.

We aim to hold a range of activities this academic year. These include: tasting authentic food at a number of dinners, shisha nights, movie nights, and Arabic language classes to beginners, at reasonable prices, with a professional. 

The society acknowledges the unfolding process of change within the region and its implication to its future; therefore it is committed to promoting intellectual debate and discussion by a range of high profile external speakers. These figures are leaders in Arab politics, arts, literature, and economics bringing the most-up-to-date issues of the region. The Society therefore provides a form of growth through harnessing a new image of the Arab world to interested students and ensuring that this social community is active within the spheres of the UCL community as a whole.

Please follow us on our new twitter page: @UCLUArabianSoc