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RAG Jailbreak 2012

Saturday, 25 February 2012
Sunday, 26 February 2012

The biggest RAG event of the year! Last year we raised £12,837 for charity and this year we intend to destroy that figure.

So what on earth is jailbreak?
Simple; the goal is to get as far from the UCL quad as possible. Sounds easy? Try it without spending a penny and only having 36 hours to do so! Done in groups of 2 or 3 (with a minimum of one male) of your choice, you can use any means necessary to get away; hitchhiking, blagging, running, paragliding, whatever. Time to get out the thumbs and signs and dust off those foreign language and persuasion skills!

And when do these 36 hours take place?
Starts 9am Saturday 25th February
Ends 9pm Sunday 26th February

Who can do it? What does this cost?
Entrance is only £20 per person. No money can be spent on transport; only on essentials such as food and emergency supplies. This pays for 7 days world travel insurance and the tracking system, which lets us know where you have managed to blag your way to! You must raise at least £50 sponsorship to take part, although if you speak to anyone who took part last year you’ll find £200+ is easily achievable. There’s also a limit of 250 people (not teams!) so make sure you make your interest known.

You mentioned insurance; is it safe?
Of course! Jailbreak has been around for many years at other universities. It’s done in groups, we have people answering an emergency phone throughout the entire 36 hours and we have state-of-the-art tracking facilities. Just enjoy!

And it’s a charity event right?
Yup! Get sponsored for your travels; getting sponsored per mile or per country is popular. All proceeds go to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital and UCL Body and Soul charity.

Anything else?
Would you expect any less? There are various awards for the team travelling the furthest, raising the most money for charity and completing the most challenges along the way.

I’m sold. How do I sign up?
1) Buy a ticket from the UCLU Online Shop.
2) Set up a Raise2Give sponsorship page to start collecting your sponsorship money.
3) Complete the Health & Safety survey
4) Attend an Information Meeting
5) Sign a disclaimer.
6) Attend a Pre-Departure meeting.
7) Take part in JAILBREAK!!!

Everyone who’s taken part says it is truly an experience of a lifetime with stories repeated for years and friends for life. Take a camera and make a video diary! You never know who you’ll meet and what you’ll see, so why not!?

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