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Welcome General Assembly 2013

The UCLU Welcome General Assembly (WGA) takes place at 6:00pm on Tuesday 15 October in the UCL Bloomsbury Theatre.  Registration starts at 5:30pm.  Please arrive early as there is limited capacity in the theatre.

This is your opportunity to find out about, and take part in, the running of the Union.  At the WGA you will have the chance to discuss your views with other members, vote on the policy proposed (known as a motion), and quiz the people who you’ve elected to run your Union. If there is something that you want to change, or an issue you feel should be discussed, any UCL student as a member of the Union can submit a motion (more about this below).

Click here to access the agenda and motions for the meeting.

What is the General Assembly?

The General Assembly is held so that any member of the Union has the opportunity to vote on motions relating to something really important, when it’s necessary to be able to say that a large number of the students agree or disagree with something.

What do I do? 

You can participate in the debate and vote on the motions.  You are also there to question the officers that you’ve elected to represent you on a day to day basis.  After listening to what people are proposing and opposing you can question them on anything you are unsure about.  Remember, there will often be a number of people with the same queries as you.

Don’t panic or freak out, speak out! 

5 Top Tips for the WGA

1. Read the motions and debating guide

2. Get a couple of mates to come along to the meeting with you

3. Get to the meeting on time (or ideally slightly early) – registration from 5:30pm

4. Don’t be afraid to get up and speak in the debates

5. If you have any questions please ask!

How does it work?

You will be given the opportunity to ask any of the officers present questions about any area of UCLU’s work.  When someone proposes a motion, that person will stand up and give a speech outlining their reasons for wanting the motion to be passed.  The motion will contain three types of information:

This Union notes… (FACTS)

These are points which are factual information.

This Union believes… (OPINIONS)

Believes set out the Union’s position on the issue and in the future these can be pointed out in any debate as the students feelings.

This Union resolves/mandates… (ACTIONS)

These are action points that the Union/officers must carry out.

After the proposition speech there will be an opportunity for someone to speak in opposition.  Rounds of speeches will continue at the discretion of the Chair.  The proposition and opposition speeches needed to be equally balanced.

The Chair will then open discussion to the floor.

At the end of the debate, the Chair will call for a vote and the matter is decided.

Motion deadlines:

Deadline for Motions

9 October 2013


Deadline for Amendments to Ordinary Motions

14 October 2013


Deadline for Emergency Motions

15 October 2013


To find out more about writing and submitting a motion go to the Representation section.

Contact Details

For more information, contact:

Dan Warham
Democracy & Communications Officer

visit: fourth floor, UCLU building, 25 Gordon Street
phone: 020 7679 37219
email: dco@uclu.org

Sahal Quazi

Union Chair
email: uclu-union.chair@ucl.ac.uk

Representation & Campaigns
visit: fourth floor, UCLU building, 25 Gordon Street
phone: 020 7679 0678
email: uclu-democracy@ucl.ac.uk