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Social and Historical Sciences StARs





History of Art

Institute of Archaeology

Institute of the Americas

Political Science


Rhiannon Adams - 1st Year Research Degree

Shweta Barupal - 1st Year MSc Digital Anthropology

Jesse Bia - 3rd Year MSc Anthropology

Isabel Bredenbroker - 1st Year MA Material and Visual Culture

Bernadett Dundics - 3rd Year BSc Anthropology

Elizabeth Fox - 1st Year MRes Anthropology

Amelia Hassoun - 1st Year MSc Digital Anthropology

Kyle Hendrikson - 1st Year MSc Human Evolution and Behaviour

Allison Horan - 1st Year MSc Medical Anthropology

Hana Mori - 3rd Year BSc Anthropology

Aude Rey - 1st Year MSc Human Evolution and Behaviour

Finn Richardson - 1st Year MSc Anthropology, Environment and Development

Kelly Robinson - 1st Year Research Degree

Lily Rubino - 1st Year MSc Anthropology, Environment and Development

Natalie Sew - 1st Year Anthropology with a Year Abroad

Lisa Vo -1st Year MSc Social and Cultural Anthropology

Rebecca Williams - 2nd Year BSc Anthropology


Sacha Alvarez - 3rd Year BSc Economics with a Year Abroad

Shubhdeep Deb - 1st Year MSc Economic Policy

Keshvi Gandesha - 2nd Year BSc Economics

Gavin Kader - 1st Year MRes Economics

Victoria Kongoasa - 1st Year BSc Economics

Giacomo Mason - 1st Year MRes Economics

Jack Mays - 1st Year MSc Economic Policy

Ahmed Munaj - 1st Year MSc Economics

Desh Padiachey - 2nd Year BSc Economics with a Year Abroad

Susana Parraga Rodriquez - 1st Year Research Degree

Max Thiele - 4th Year BSc Economics with a Year Abroad

Paul Toepel - 1st Year MSc Economics

Fangzhou Xu - 1st Year BSc Economics


Daniel Black - 2nd Year BSc Geography

Sarabeth Bonett - 1st Year MSc Urban Studies

James Brennan - 3rd Year BSc Geography

Christopher Burt - 3rd Year BA Geography

Sana Chaudhry - 2nd Year BA Geography

Alexander Cox - 1st Year BA Geography

Ian Cundall - 1st Year MSc Environment, Science and Society

Rob Davison - 3rd Year BSc Geography

Savannah Dixon - 1st Year MSc Globalisation

Lawrence Doughty - 1st Year MSc Conservation

David Egginton - 2nd Year MSc Geospatial Analysis

William Fergusson - 1st Year MSc Environmental Modelling

Lydia Finnegan - 3rd Year BA Geography

Freddie Gabbertas - 2nd Year BA Geography

Nancy Hernandez - 1st Year MSc Global Migration

Amil Mohanan - 3rd Year Research Degree

Jacqueline Moore - 1st Year MSc Climate Change

James O’Connor - 1st Year MSc Remote Sensing

Clement Oghoro - 1st Year Research Degree

Polly Ovens - 3rd Year BA Geography

Anthony Taylor - 1st Year MSc Aquatic Science

Olya Vasilenko - 3rd Year BSc Economics and Geography

Laura Warner - 1st Year BA Geography

Si Yin Wong - 2nd Year BA Geography

Jingjing Yan - 1st Year MSc Environmental Mapping


Jasperina Baharie - 4th Year BA History with a Year Abroad

Pawel Borowski - 2nd Year BA History

Edwin Clifford-Coupe - 1st Year MA Ancient History

Bridget Cogley - 1st Year MA European History

Andrew Dunn - 1st Year MA History

Emily Hilton - 3rd Year BA History

Lenny Hodges - 4th Year BA History with a European Language

Lizzie Jay - 2nd Year BA Ancient History and Egyptology

Janet Kroll - 1st Year Research Degree

Julie Lane - 1st Year MA History

Joe Mason - 3rd Year BA History

Ben Monteith - 2nd Year BA Ancient History

Charles Seymour - 2nd Year BA History

Rachael Thorn - 3rd Year BA History

History of Art

Azmina Abdullah - 2nd Year BA History of Art with Material Studies

Aleksandra Czarnojan - 1st Year Affil History of Art

Katharina Feulner - 2nd Year BA History of Art

Emily Mangione - 1st Year MA History of Art

Eve Matulaityte - 1st Year BA History of Art

Sarah McLean - 3rd Year BA History of Art

Andrew Murray - 1st Year Research Degree

Charlotte Schelling - 1st Year BA History of Art

Institute of Archaeology

Daniella Afeltra - 1st Year MSc Forensic Archaeological Science

Grace Arnold - 2nd Year BSc Archaeology

Georgie Barrett - 2nd Year BA Archaeology

Alex Bliss - 2nd Year BA Archaeology

Courtney Bobik - 1st Year MA Egyptian Archaeology

Caspar Cech-Lucas - 2nd Year BA Classical Archaeology and Classical Civilisation

Jan Cutajar - 1st Year MA Principles of Conservation

Matilda Duncker - 1st Year Research Degree

Charlotte Ellinas - 2nd Year BA Classical Archaeology and Classical Civilisation

Kristina Franke - 3rd Year Research Degree

Anna Funke - 1st Year MA Principles of Conservation

Stacy Hackner - 1st Year Research Degree

Maddie Hagerman - 1st Year MA Principles of Conservation

Tabitha Hayman - 1st Year BA Archaeology and Anthropology

Beth Hinton-Lever - 2nd Year BA Classical Archaeology and Classical Civilisation

Letty Ingrey - 2nd Year BA Archaeology and Anthropology

Stacey Johnson - 2nd Year BA Archaeology and Anthropology

Mads Jorgensen - 1st Year MSc GIS and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology

Ashley Kruger - 1st Year MSc GIS and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology

Jennifer Lambert - 1st Year MA Archaeology and Heritage of Asia

Richard Lewis - 2nd Year MA Public Archaeology

Oliver Lown - 1st Year Research Degree

Alex Osborne - 2nd Year BA Archaeology and Anthropology

Chris Perry - 3rd Year BA Archaeology and Anthropology

Matt Phelps - 1st Year Research Degree

Tahiya Qureshi - 2nd Year BA Archaeology

Fred Rademakers - 1st Year Research Degree

Amy Revans - 1st Year MA Managing Archaeological Sites

Tiffany Seery - 1st Year MSc Forensic Archaeological Science

Nuala Sheils McNamee - 2nd Year BA Archaeology

Hanna Sosnowska - 1st Year Research Degree

Lokwalo Thabeng - 1st Year MSc GIS and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology

Ben Turkel - 1st Year MSc The Technology and Analysis of Archaeological Materials

Carl Walsh - 1st Year Research Degree

Institute of the Americas

Fridtjof Dunkel - 1st Year MSc Globalisation and Latin American Development

Michael Espinoza - 3rd Year Research Degree

Robbie Macrory - 1st Year Research Degree

Alexander Milinski - 1st Year MA Latin American Studies

Ahlers Peter - 1st Year MSc Latin American Politics

Hanne Elise Pollack - 1st Year MA United States Studies: History and Politics

Richard Price - 1st Year  MSc Latin American Politics

Giovanna Violi - 1st Year MA Caribbean and Latin American Studies

Political Science

Isobel Aiken - 1st Year MA Human Rights

Damilare Babalola - 1st Year MSc Global Governance and Ethics

Marieke Doelman - 1st Year MSc Democracy and Comparative Politics

Steven Edwards - 1st Year MA Political Science

Sophia Eglin - 1st Year MSc European Public Policy

Lior Erez - 1st Year Research Degree

Stelios Foteinopoulos - 1st Year MSc European Public Policy

Ella Genasci Smith - 1st Year Affiliate Political Science and International Relations.

Elisabeth Groehe - 1st Year MA Legal and Political Theory

Nikolay Iliev - 1st Year MSc Public Policy

Rosie Jones - 1st Year MSc Security Studies

Katharina Kieslich - 1st Year Research Degree

Hermane Louis - 1st Year MSc Public Policy

Christopher Lu - 1st Year MSc International Public Policy

Danielle Lucksted - 1st Year MA Human Rights

Ali Mirhashem - 1st Year MA Legal and Political Theory

Alejandra Palma - 1st Year MSc Democracy and Comparative Politics

Javier Sajuria - 1st Year Research Degree

Tatiana Sergeeva - 1st Year MSc International Public Policy

Kotaro Takeda - 1st Year MSc Security Studies

Vanessa Van-Dunem - 1st Year MSc Global Governance and Ethics

Xiaolu Wang - 1st Year Affiliate Political Science and International Relations

Orlanda Ward - 1st Year Research Degree