University College London Union

Volunteering Society

We’re often asked what the difference between the VSU and Volsoc is … well …


UCLU Volunteering Society (VolSoc) is a student-run network for student volunteers. They are here to help support and connect students interested in volunteering, with events and projects throughout the year. VolSoc run socials, activity days, talks and competitions, and organise international volunteering projects. They also ensure that students have a say in how the VSU works.

The VSU and VolSoc work closely together to make sure you get the most out of your time at UCL.

To find out more about VolSoc, email them at v.society@ucl.ac.uk, or visit their website.

The Volunteering Services Unit (VSU) is a joint project of UCL and UCLU. We’re dedicated to helping connect UCL students in community projects across London. We can connect you with one of over 300 charities, help you set up your own project, and also offer a range of one-off volunteering activities. There are five experienced members of staff, making us one of the biggest university volunteering departments in the UK.