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Information for Candidates

Candidates Breakfast Briefing

24/02/14 - 7/03/14, Every weekday morning: 9.15-10.00

This is a daily surgery for anyone who has any questions about the elections to come along and ask. Pop by for a coffee (other beverages also available) and we’ll be there to answer any questions that you have. Come along any weekday morning to find us in the social study space on the second floor of the UCLU building at 25 Gordon Street. 

Every Weekday Morning

Social Study Space

9.15am- 10am

Candidates in the Quad

Dear Candidates,

This will take place this Wednesday (5th March) in the main quad. The event begins formally at 12:30 so it is suggested that you arrive with enough time to spare.

The format of the event will be as follows:

  • We will run through the potions in alphabetical order.
  • Each candidate will have 30 seconds to make a speech, and then will be asked follow up questions from the audience and/or twitter.
  • Depending on time, we intend to run through that cycle with all candidates twice. The event concludes at 2pm.

We encourage you to bring along your campaign team, friends and potential voters. The more people candidates can encourage to come along, the better the event will be. You can also promote the facebook event and invite your friends to it.

If you cannot make it to the event, you must notify us by email. In this case, you may also send us a 200 word max statement which will be read out in place of your speech. Please email this to: uclu-elections@ucl.ac.uk

How to write a manifesto

Writing an election manifesto needn’t be something to tear your hair out about. Essentially, your manifesto should state what you would plan to do in your time of office, and what changes you would make. It isn’t an excuse to bad mouth your opposition, or make unrealistic promises. Take some time before you write it to think about what you believe you can achieve and what the voters would respond to.

Click here for a link to a guide for writing a manifesto.

Elections Budget

All candidates can spend up to £100 each.  You can claim your expenditure back as long as you have valid receipts. All campaign expenditure needs to be listed on your elections budget and where available receipts should be attached.  Where no receipts are provided, the cost must reflect market value. Checks may be made on the internet. Items received free of charge will count towards your budget, unless freely available to all candidates equally.

All candidates must submit their Elections Budget to the Representation and Campaigns office (4th floor, 25 Gordon street) by 10am (extended to 3pm to coincide with voting closing) on Friday 7 March 2014. Even if you spend £0, you still need to submit a budget or ">email by the deadline. Failure to do this may result in election disciplinary action. 

You can download an Elections Budget Form by clicking here.

Important documents and further information

Guidance Document on Elections (PDF)

UCLU Memorandum & Articles of Association (PDF)

UCLU Bye-Laws (PDF)

Elections Budget Form (PDF)

Positions available and nomination forms

Staff Student Protocol (PDF)

How to write a manifesto

UCLU Governance Structure - August 2013 (PDF)

The voting system explained (Youtube video)

Candidates Briefing presentation slides (PDF)

Election Schedule




Nominations open

10am, Monday 20 January 2014


Thinking of Standing event   6-7pm, Thursday 23 January 2014   The Study (green area), 25 Gordon Street
Thinking of Standing event   1-2pm, Wednesday 29 January 2014   Conference Room, Bloomsbury Theatre Building

Nominations close (and deadline for manifestos)

10am, Thursday 6 February 2014


Candidates’ Briefing (and Declaration of Nominations)

6pm, Thursday 13 February 2014

The Study (green area), 25 Gordon Street

Campaigning starts

Monday 24 February 2014

Online and all over campus

Voting opens

10am, Friday 28 February 2014


Candidates in the Quad   12:30pm, Wednesday 5 March 2014   North Quad

Voting closes

3pm, Friday 7 March 2014


Candidate’s Budget Deadline   3pm, Friday 7 March 2014  

Representation and Campaigns Office, 4th floor, 25 Gordon Street.

Elections Results Party

Friday 7 March 2014

South Quad

Maps & Directions

The Study is located on the second floor of the UCLU building at 25 Gordon Street.

The Representation & Campaigns Department is located on the fourth floor of the UCLU building at 25 Gordon Street.

The Main Quad is in the Main Wilkins Building on Gower Street. 

The South Quad is behind the Main Wilkins Building on Gower Street, between Malet Place and the UCLU Print Room Cafe. 

A map of the UCL campus is available here.

Have a question?

For questions or queries regarding the elections please contact one of the following:

Dan Warham
Democracy & Communications Officer

020 7679 5178

Sahal Quazi
Returning Officer (Union Chair)

Simon To
Representation & Campaigns Manager
020 7679 7707