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Life at UCL isn’t all about study, essays, projects and exams so for the times that you’re not buried under the books in a library, UCLU Lifestyle is here to offer you some tips and advice on the non-academic aspects of London living as a UCL student.

Keeping fitKeeping Fit

There are loads of ways to help you keep active and keep fit while you are at UCL. From simple initiatives such as cycling to class to joining UCLU’s own gym - Bloomsbury Fitness - there is sure to be something for everyone. For more ways of keeping your ticker tocking and your lungs in top shape, check out our Keeping Fit section.

Support for a Healthy Lifestyle

Meet Sophie our Healthy Lifestyle specialist, she is here to help you stay fit and keep healthy whilst studying or working at UCL. For more information on the support Sophie can offer follow this link.

Healthy Eating

healthy eating

A few small changes in your daily routine can make getting those all-important 5-a-day that little bit easier. For simple, cheap and quick recipe ideas as well as how to pack in your fruit’n’veg and even some offers, follow through to our Healthy Eating section.

Drink & DrugsDrink & Drugs

Uni life will expose you to alcohol and, perhaps, other drugs. But what effect do these stimulants really have on your life? For more facts on alcohol, cigarettes and drugs and for info on cutting back or quitting, our Drink & Drugs section holds the answers.

Sex & Relationshipssex & relationships

Whatever your choices about your sexual activities while at UCL, make sure you make safe and healthy decisions. Our helpful advice in our Sex & Relationships section will guide you along your choices to allow you to stay informed and safe.