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Club Development

Club development is simply a process to capture a club’s plans for the future. Good club development is based on your club’s current position, capacity and aspirations.

Whether consolidating or expanding, recruiting more members or improving services for existing members every club should take a moment to stop and think about their aims and priorities for the future.

Sport is becoming more professional and much better organised driven by a desire to improve. The most effective way to develop is to apply a simple (and not too time consuming) planning process to set your club on the path to a better future.


Here you can find information on club development and resources to help you run your club:

  1. Club Development Plan
  2. How to arrange sponsorship for your club
  3. Sponsorship Proposal Template
  4. Club Development Training


Here you can find information to help your team improve their performance:

  1. Training aids
  2. Team Progress Pack
  3. How to become an official or a coach