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UCLU is delighted to launch this years Student Choice Teaching Awards. These have been entirely developed by students - they made the criteria, created the name and will make up the entirety of the judging panel. They have been developed in partnership with UCL and will be awarded with the Provost Teaching Awards. Our students have told us they want to reward and celebrate our outstanding members of staff. We know they are out there so it’s up to you to nominate them!

There are now four categories, celebrating Outstanding Teaching, Outstanding Support for Teaching and Outstanding Personal Support and the newly created Outstanding Researcher Development. See below to read more on the criteria and click on each heading to nominate a member of staff. Multiple nominations are accepted from the same person.

Outstanding Researcher Development (New for 2014)

Research students at UCL told us that their development as not only researchers, but as people, is important to them. This award celebrates members of staff who help these students reach their potential as well as those who demonstrate the essential balance between providing support and fostering independence. Has one of your doctoral or MRes supervisors, or another researcher you have worked with, made an exceptional contribution to your development as a practicing researcher? This will be awarded to nominees who demonstrate elements of the following:

  • The nominee enthusiastically and supportively trains you in research techniques.
  • The nominee engages in constructive and helpful dialogue about your research that allows you to refine your work and to overcome difficulties encountered.
  • The nominee encourages you to discover skills, abilities and experiences that enable you to develop holistically as an accomplished researcher and an active participant in your academic and/or wider community.
  • The nominee is perceptive and understanding, supporting your individual needs and ambitions.
  • The nominee demonstrates an exceptional commitment to their students.

The 2014 winners:

  • Professor Geraint Rees - UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Professor Robyn Carston - UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Outstanding Teaching

UCL students have said that the quality of their teaching is important to them and they would like to celebrate this. Has a member of staff sparked an interest in a particular subject for you or perhaps they have given you excellent feedback which enabled you to improve? If this sounds like someone you know, or you have other reasons to nominate an individual, tell us. This will be awarded to nominees who demonstrate elements of the following:

  • The nominee has inspiring enthusiasm for their subject which motivates you to learn
  • The nominee uses current research to inform their teaching which shows their commitment to the discipline
  • The nominee has an innovative and engaging approach to teaching which embraces students and encourages their participation
  • The nominee encourages students to take control of their learning through constructive and consistent feedback.
  • The nominee is understanding and responsive to students, and makes themselves available to work through issues that students may face
  • The nominee is approachable and has a friendly manner with students

The 2014 winners:

  • Professor Jane Holder - UCL Laws
  • Dr Russell Hearn - UCL Medical School

 The 2013 winners:

  • Mr James Frederick Daniel Hales, UCL Institute of Archaeology
  • Mr Daniel Rogger, UCL Department of Economics
  • Mr Mike Rowson, UCL Institute for Global Health
  • Dr Isidoros Strouthos, UCL Department of Mathematics

Outstanding Personal Support

At UCL it is not just the academic relationship which is expected to develop during a student’s time here. This award is to celebrate excellence in academic guidance and pastoral care. Has a member of staff, maybe your personal tutor, shown an understanding of the problems you face? Have they checked in to see if you are on top of your workload? Have they made a real difference to your time at UCL? Tell us why in your nomination. This will be awarded to nominees who demonstrate elements of the following:

  • The nominee is empathetic to the issues that students face and takes an active interest in their lives
  • The nominee establishes positive relationship with their students based on mutual trust and respect
  • The nominee contributes to the academic, personal and professional development of individual students
  • The nominee helps students considerably with their transition to University life

The 2014 winners:

  • Dr Benita Morrissey - UCL Institute of Child Health
  • Ms Judy Medrington - UCL Institute of Archaeology

The 2013 winners:

  • Ms Judy Medrington, UCL Institute of Archaeology
  • Dr Isidoros Strouthos, UCL Department of Mathematics

Outstanding Support for Teaching

All UCL staff contribute towards enhancing teaching and learning, this award is to celebrate the excellence of those who support the delivery of this. This might be a departmental administrator or a lab/workshop technician; we want to hear about them. This will be awarded to nominees who demonstrate elements of the following:

  • The nominee shows an active interest in helping students get the most out of their learning
  • The nominee is understanding and responsive to students, and provides advice and guidance in order for students to play an active role in their learning
  • The nominee clearly and consistently communicates constructive and relevant opportunities to students
  • The nominee offers practical support and advice to students, enhancing and facilitating their learning

The 2014 winners:

  • Mr Stuart Laidlaw - UCL Institute of Archaeology
  • Ms Marie Fournier - UCL School of European Languages, Culture and Society

The 2013 winners:

  • Dr Alastair McClelland, UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences
  • Ms Judy Medrington, UCL Institute of Archaeology
  • Dr Julie Pitcher, UCL Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology

The overarching principle of these awards will be to recognise and reward those who have made an outstanding contribution to the improvement of students’ lives at UCL.  They celebrate those individuals who have gone above and beyond to support teaching and learning. 

Students are invited to submit nominations for these awards.


We do not wish to limit or define who is eligible for nomination, other than that the person should be employed by the UCL in a teaching, researcher or support role. Nominees can be in full-time or part-time employment (including postgraduate students who teach or provide support).


The nominations must be from registered UCL students. 

The Panel

The panel is entirely made up of students and if you would like to get involved, send us an email using the contact details below!

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