University College London Union

UC1102 - 15 November 2011

Union Council


Draft Minutes
Voting Records

Date: Tuesday 15 November 2011
Time: 6pm (arrive at 5.30pm)
Venue: UCLU Conference Room
Chair: Zubair Idris, Union Chair uclu-union.chair@ucl.ac.uk

1. Opening Remarks   ZI         

2. Minutes and matters arising from 25 October 2011 UC1101M ZI          

Amendments to Governing Documents            

3.  Debating Procedure at UCLU Council -01 JS         

4. Amendments to proposed policy -02 JS          

Motions to Union Council            

5. Motion to support Right to Education  -03 LH         

6. Motion: Postgrads deserve decent pay and working conditions   -04  BT        

7. Motion to Union Council: Supporting trans students  -05 SN         

8. Motion to Union Council: Gender Neutral Toilets  -06 SN         

9. Motion to Union Council: save UEA Music!  -07 SN        

10. Motion for affordable service provisions  -08 GC        

11. Motion for equal access for all   -09 GC           

Matters for ratification            

12.  Activities Forum Guidance Document  -10 DC        

13.  SSEES Forum Guidance Document  -11 CB           

Amendments to existing policy            

14. Emergency Amendment to “Motion to Defend the Freedom of the Press”  -13 HS        

15.  Union Policy UP1108 Amended  -14  TRJ          

Matters for discussion            

16. Elections Regulations Review     JS        

17. Commitment of UCLU resources and expertise to promoting our representation and campaign work    BT        

18. Policy referrall mechanism to Trustees when the matter being proposed is considered ultra vires    JS          

Matters for information            

19. Admin Minutes  

AD1104M  ZI    

AD1105M  ZI     

AD1106M ZI         

20. Forum notes and oral reports  -12 DC        

21. Any other business