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Voting is open

Voting opened at 10am on Thursday 26 February and will close at 10am on Thursday 5 March.  You can vote here. 

Who’s running for what?

Check out the Candidate Profiles to see who is running for what and what they are promising you.

Institute of Education Students: how to vote

All students who are at the Institute of Education are able to run and vote in UCLU elections.  Our election system requires you to use your UCL userID and password.  It is essential that you ensure you know your UCL userID and password.   You would have been sent information about this to your IOE email address in December 2014.  If you cannot find your UCL userID and password, please contact the UCL Information Services Division, via the ISD Service Desk at your earliest convenience.  They will be able to provide you with the details necessary for you to vote in our election system.  

The ISD Service Desk can be contacted by the following means:

Once you have confirmed your UCL userID and password with UCL Information Services Division, if you experience any difficulties with logging into the UCLU website, then please complete our contact form.

Results Party 

Make sure you come along to the South Quad (outside the Print Room Cafe) on Thursday 5 March from 6pm, to find out who has won what!  Get this date in your diary!  

Information for Candidates

Important information for candidates is available by clicking here. Make sure you look through this section if you are standing for election.

Previous election results

You can find the results of  previous elections on the links below, where you can find out who won those elections and the numbers of votes that were cast.

Have a question?

For questions or queries regarding the elections please contact one of the following:

Hannah Sketchley
Democracy & Communications Officer

020 7679 5178

Mohamad Fahed
Returning Officer (Union Chair)

Simon To
Representation & Campaigns Manager
020 7679 7707