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Voting has closed and the results are in! Here are the winners from the Spring Elections 2015.

Statement from the Returning Officer

The Returning Officer has released the following statement in relation to the election for the Women’s Officer. 

UCL Student & Registry Services have confirmed that Helen Chandler-Wilde is not currently registered as a student at UCL.

In accordance with the UCLU Memorandum & Articles of Association (Articles 11, 12, and 68.1.44), UCLU Bye-Laws (Bye-Laws 9.1 and 11) and Education Act 1994 (Section 22(2 and 6)), Helen Chandler-Wilde’s candidacy for the position of Women’s Officer was withdrawn from the election, as she did not meet the eligibility criteria for standing as a candidate for a sabbatical officer position.

The integrity of the UCLU democratic process is the Returning Officer’s highest priority. The Returning Officer’s role is neutral and committed to the delivery of a free and fair election. To ensure that the fairness and legitimacy of UCLU elections are properly maintained, the Returning Officer is obliged to ensure that all regulations relating to elections are fully complied with by all parties.

Who ran for what?

Check out the Candidate Profiles to see who is running for what and what they are promising you.

Information for Candidates

Important information for candidates is available by clicking here. Make sure you look through this section if you are standing for election.

Previous election results

You can find the results of  previous elections on the links below, where you can find out who won those elections and the numbers of votes that were cast.

Have a question?

For questions or queries regarding the elections please contact one of the following:

Hannah Sketchley
Democracy & Communications Officer

020 7679 5178

Mohamad Fahed
Returning Officer (Union Chair)

Simon To
Representation & Campaigns Manager
020 7679 7707