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What do you stand for?

This is your chance to say what you stand for, to get more involved in UCLU and to represent your fellow students at a local, university and national level. In these elections you have the chance to stand to be a;

Student Trustee:Being a trustee gives you a rare opportunity, potentially very early on in your professional life, to be part of a charity board.  Being part of the board will give you collective responsibility for overseeing how an organisation is run. People under the age of 25 in particular are underrepresented on trustee boards across the county, but you have a chance to be one of them by running to be one of our student trustees.

NUS delegate: As a NUS delegate you will get to join nearly a thousand people at National Union of Students Annual Conference; the biggest democratic student event in the country. As one of our NUS Delegates you will represent UCLU in the debate which will decide the national policy, priorities and direction for students. You will also get the chance to vote I the elections for the national officers.

Halls Representative: Being a Halls Representative enables you to be part of the grassroots work that UCLU does to represent the concerns of students in UCL’s student residences. You can be part of building the community and campaigning for improvements in the halls where you live.

More information about the positions available can be found here.

Information for Candidates

Important information for candidates is available by clicking here. Make sure you look through this section if you are standing for election.

Previous election results

You can find the results of  previous elections on the links below, where you can find out who won those elections and the numbers of votes that were cast.

Have a question?

For questions or queries regarding the elections please contact one of the following:

Mohammad Ali
Sustainability, Engagement & Operations Officer

07989 235215

Gabriel Gavin
Returning Officer (Union Chair)

Simon To
Representation & Campaigns Manager
020 7679 7707