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UCLU is a democratic organisation which means that students set the agenda.

UCLU is run by democratically elected students, who are directly accountable to their peers, i.e. you. Anyone can stand to be elected and become part of the team dedicated to making student life at UCL the best it can possibly be. 

Elections are held twice a year to decide who will be elected as officers and represent the students at UCL. Click here for more information about the election process and about upcoming elections.

The Officers & Representatives page has full details of all the roles and contact details for each position.

General Assembly and Referenda give students the power to direct the UCLU and its officers in what it should be doing and what opinions and actions it should take on important issues.

Union Council allows elected student officers to debate and decide what UCLU should take a stance on and do about a number of issues, it also holds officers to account and helps to direct the future work of UCLU.

Networks allow student officers and students to meet to share information, co-ordinate campaigns and plan the implementation of relevant policies and democratic decisions. There are four Networks: Accommodation, Activities, Ethics & Environment, Education & Welfare.

Liberation Sections represent an opportunity for students to challenge and campaign against discrimination, oppression and inequality faced by themselves or others and work to defend and extend their rights. There are four Liberation Sections: Black & Minority Ethnic Students’ Network, Disabled Students’ Network, LGBT+ Students’ Section, Women’s Network.

Academic Sections give students the opportunity to regularly debate and discuss their academic related concerns, needs and interests within UCLU, UCL and beyond. There are six Academic Sections: International Students’ Section, Mature & Part-time Students’ Section, Postgraduate Association, RUMS, SSEES Students’ Section and School of Pharmacy Students’ Section.

Campaigns: UCLU is here to take action on issues to make students lives better both at university and in wider society. UCLU campaigns on issues that affect students as decided by students. Find out how to get involved.

StARs (Student Academic Representatives) are elected to represent students’ views to UCL. StARs sit on various committees at a programe, faculty and University level, at which they act as the voice of students, ensuring that UCL takes into account the needs of students in its decision making processes. StARs achieve this through liaising with UCLU and UCL staff to resolve issues.

Representation & Campaigns Team

The Representation & Campaigns Department aims to inform and engage members of UCLU with the range of opportunities to be involved in representing the student voice and campaigning to make a difference for the wider student body. 

Visit: Representation & Campaigns, Fourth Floor, 25 Gordon Street
Email: uclu-rac@ucl.ac.uk
Phone: 020 7679 0678


Simon To
Representation & Campaigns Manager
020 7679 7707
Alan Bailey
Representation & Campaigns Co-ordinator (Democracy)
020 7679 2515
Vicki Baars
Representation & Campaigns Co-ordinator (Liberation)
020 7679 2474
Diana Hawk (on maternity leave)
Representation & Campaigns Co-ordinator (Postgraduate & International)
Tom Flynn (maternity cover)
Representation & Campaigns Co-ordinator (Postgraduate & International)
020 7679 2857
Adam Campbell
Committee & Team Administrator
020 7679 7072
Katerina Alexandropoulou
Officer Support & Team Administrator
020 7679 2701
UCLU Committee enquiries: uclu-committees@ucl.ac.uk
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