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Union Policy

What is policy? In short the policies of UCLU are a statement of the belief or intent of the organisation on key issues. They can be a statement of UCLU’s position, or a commitment to doing things in a certain way or campaign on a particular issue. Our policies are made democratically and are binding for two years.

On this page you will find all UCLU’s current policy as well as UCLU’s superseded and lapsed policy. You can also view Amendments to Governing Documents, which, when passed, form the Memorandum and Articles of Association and Byelaws.

If you have an idea for a new policy or feel that we should amend one of our existing policies you should contact uclu-democracy@ucl.ac.uk to find out more.

Codesort ascending Title Status Passed Lapses
UP1408 Emergency Motion: "A jolly good bello" Current 28/10/2014 27/10/2016
UP1407 Motion to Union Council: Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Current 28/10/2014 27/10/2016
UP1406 Motion, RNLI and UCLU Current 28/10/2014 27/10/2016
UP1405 Motion to keep Wednesdays free for sport and Sportsnnight Current 28/10/2014 27/10/2016
UP1404 Justice and workers’ rights in the UCL community! Current 28/10/2014 27/10/2016
UP1403 Free Education for All! Current 28/10/2014 27/10/2016
UP1402 Democracy in Hong Kong Current 28/10/2014 27/10/2016
UP1401 Campaign to Bring Down Rents! Current 28/10/2014 27/10/2016
UP1349 Solidarity with Ukraine Current 25/03/2014 24/03/2016
UP1348 Motion to support the UCL Justice for Cleaners campaign Current 25/03/2014 26/03/2016
UP1347 Motion for UCLU voter registration Current 25/03/2014 26/03/2016
UP1346 Transcript Provision on UCLU Videos Current 25/03/2014 24/03/2016
UP1345 Putting Socially Responsible Licensing on the NUS Agenda Current 25/03/2014 24/03/2016
UP1344 London Lifeboat Week Current 25/03/2014 24/03/2016
UP1342 Motion to the Union Council: More study space in UCL during the weekends Current 11/03/2014 10/03/2016
UP1341 Motion to the Union Council: Part-Time Officer name changes to reduce confusion among students of officer positions Current 11/03/2014 10/03/2016
UP1340 Motion to the Union Council: Uphold Holocaust Memorial Day Current 11/03/2014 10/03/2016
UP1339 Motion for an inclusive UCLU membership Current 24/02/2014 23/02/2016
UP1338 To Establish a Wi-Fi Network in every UCL Hall Current 24/02/2014 23/02/2016
UP1337 Motion to support Students’ Right to Choose Current 24/02/2014 23/02/2016
UP1336 Motion to Support Sex Workers Current 24/02/2014 23/02/2016
UP1334 Fossil Free UCL Current 24/02/2014 23/02/2016
UP1333 UCU marking boycott – standing by our staff Current 24/02/2014 23/02/2016
UP1332 UCLU national conference policy submission Current 04/02/2014 03/02/2016
UP1331 Solidarity with Birmingham Demonstration Current 04/02/2014 03/02/2016