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Union Policy

What is policy? In short the policies of UCLU are a statement of the belief or intent of the organisation on key issues. They can be a statement of UCLU’s position, or a commitment to doing things in a certain way or campaign on a particular issue. Our policies are made democratically and are binding for two years.

On this page you will find all UCLU’s current policy as well as UCLU’s superseded and lapsed policy. You can also view Amendments to Governing Documents, which, when passed, form the Memorandum and Articles of Association and Byelaws.

If you have an idea for a new policy or feel that we should amend one of our existing policies you should contact uclu-democracy@ucl.ac.uk to find out more.

Codesort ascending Title Status Passed Lapses
UP1445 Democracy and Events – Some basic stuff Current 01/06/2015 31/05/2017
UP1444 Solidarity with the rent strikes and a warmer welcome to halls Current 01/06/2015 31/05/2017
UP1437 Mental Health First Current 10/03/2015 09/03/2017
UP1436 Workers’ rights at UCL Qatar Current 10/03/2015 09/03/2017
UP1435 Freedom of speech and organisation on campus Current 10/03/2015 09/03/2017
UP1434 Condemn Sri Lanka and support sanctions against the government for violations of human rights Current 10/03/2015 09/03/2017
UP1433 Motion to UCLU Council – Make Our General Assemblies More Accessible Current 27/01/2015 26/01/2017
UP1432 Motion to Union Council: Support the Fossil Free UCL Campaign Current 27/01/2015 26/01/2017
UP1431 Continuing the fight for free education Current 27/01/2015 26/01/2017
UP1430 Motion to the Union Council: for UCLU to support the Disabled Student’s Network’s Try It! Campaign Current 27/01/2015 26/01/2017
UP1429 UCLU Student Support Network Current 27/01/2015 26/01/2017
UP1428 Motion: Resolution in Solidarity with the Dissapeared students in Ayotzinapa and the Student Movements in Instituto Politecnico Nacional Current 27/01/2015 26/01/2017
UP1427 Motion: Solidarity with the Pakistani Marxists and the PTUDC Current 27/01/2015 26/01/2017
UP1426 Emergency Motion to NUS Conference: The rent is too damn high! Current 27/01/2015 26/01/2017
UP1425 Motion to NUS Conference – Police violence and racism Current 27/01/2015 26/01/2017
UP1424 Motion to NUS Conference – International solidarity for LGBT rights Current 27/01/2015 26/01/2017
UP1423 Motion to NUS Conference – The General Election Current 27/01/2015 26/01/2017
UP1422 Motion to NUS Conference – Free Raif Badawi Current 27/01/2015 26/01/2017
UP1421 Motion to NUS Conference – Stand up for migrants’ rights Current 27/01/2015 26/01/2017
UP1420 Motion to NUS Conference- Free education for all Current 27/01/2015 26/01/2017
UP1419 End UCLU’s Contract with G4S Current 27/01/2015 26/01/2017
UP1418 “Students not Suspects” Motion Current 27/01/2015 26/01/2017
UP1417 Police Brutality: Solidarity with Warwick University and a Condemnation of the Cops and the NUS Leadership Current 20/01/2015 19/01/2017
UP1416 ‘UCL, Cut Down The Rent!’ Current 20/01/2015 19/01/2017
UP1415 Following up on the 19 November Free Education demo Current 25/11/2014 24/11/2016