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Cancer Institute*

Division of Infection & Immunity*

Division of Medicine

Division of Surgery & Interventional Science*

Eastman Dental Institute

Medical School

*There are currently no StARs elected for this department. Please directly contact your department staff.

Division of Medicine

Nina Parmar - 1st Year Research Degree

Kirstin Wood - 1st Year Research Degree

Eastman Dental Institute

Mohammad Alabdulghani - 3rd Year MClinDent Periodontology

Abdulfatah Alazmah - 1st Year DDent Paediatric Dentistry

Mysa Al-Fozan - 1st Year MSc Special Care Dentistry

Hussain Alshammasi - 3rd Year DDent Paediatric Dentistry

Robin Amanullah - 1st Year PostMClinDent Training Programme Affil

Nadia Anwar - 1st Year PG Dip Implant Dentistry

Pierluca Campana - 1st Year PostMClinDent Training Programme Affil

Lilian Chiu - 2nd Year MClinDent Prosthodontics (Advanced Training)

Adnan Chowdry - 1st Year MClinDent Endodontology

Rogerio Da Silva Oliveiro Monteiro - 1st Year MSc Endodontics

Kruti Desai - 1st Year MClinDent Periododontology

Dionetta Dionysius - 2nd Year MClinDent Oral Surgery (Advanced Training)

Karl Drummond - 1st Year MSc Conservative Dentistry

Clara Gibson - 1st Year MClinDent Orthodontics

Sandra Goncalves - 1st Year MSc Oral Medicine

Melissa Guay - 1st Year MSc Special Care Dentistry

Elizabeth Hoy - 2nd Year MClinDent Endodontology

Salwa Ibrahim - 2nd Year DDent Paediatric Dentistry

Mohsen Jelvehgaran Esfahani - 2nd Year MClinDent Endodontology

Waheed Jowiya - 3rd Year Research Degree

Maria Malandreni - 1st Year MClinDent Oral Surgery

Muneeza Malik - 1st Year MSc Endodontics

Mairaj Mazhar - 1st Year MSc Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Morteza Mazinanian - 1st Year MClinDent Prosthodontics

Dipti Mehta - 3rd Year MClinDent Endodontology

Georgios Milesis - 1st Year MClinDent Endodontology

Federico Moreno - 2nd Year MClinDent Periododontology

Leoni Papageorgopoulou - 1st Year PostMClinDent Training Programme Affil

Alexia Papakonstantinou - 1st Year PG Cert Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry

Sameer Patel - 2nd Year MClinDent Orthodontics

Laura Philp - 1st Year Affil - Cat1 Orthodontics

Joanna Wiecek - 1st Year Research Degree

Medical School

Katherine Fairman - 4th Year MSc Medical Sciences

Kirsten Gill - 4th Year MSc Medical Sciences 

Sarah James - 1st Year Research Degree