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Mathematical and Physical Sciences StARs

Centre for Mathematics and Physics in the Life Sciences and Experimental Biology (CoMPLEX)


Earth Sciences


Natural Sciences

Physics and Astronomy

Science and Technology Studies

Space and Climate Physics

Statistical Science

Centre for Mathematics and Physics in the Life Sciences and Experimental Biology

Maria Botcharova - 3rd Year Research Degree

Michael Epstein - 1st Year Research Degree

Ross Harper - 1st Year MRes Modelling Biological Complexity

Timothy Lucas - 1st Year Research Degree

Donal O’Donoghue - 3rd Year Research Degree

Chris Ruis - 1st Year MRes Modelling Biological Complexity

Victor Sojo - 1st Year Research Degree

Mark Williams - 1st Year MRes Modelling Biological Complexity


Jennifer Davy - 4th Year MSc Chemistry

Matúš Diveky - 1st Year MSc Chemistry

Kealan Fallon - 1st Year Research Degree

Rose Gray - 3rd Year MSc Chemistry

Christophe Lynch - 1st Year EngD Molecular Modelling and Materials Science

Alexander Miller - 2nd Year MSc Chemistry

Hollie Packmam - 1st Year MSc Chemistry

Anand Patel - 2nd Year MSc Chemistry

Jing Yang - 1st Year MSc Materials for Energy and Environment

Earth Sciences

Charlotte Barrington - 1st Year MSc Geophysical Hazard

Gina Geffers - 2nd Year BSc Geophysics

Carissa Lim - 1st Year BSc Earth Sciences

David Litchfield - 2nd Year MSc Geophysical Hazard

Gabrielle Mason - 3rd Year MSc Geology

Ethan Petrou - 2nd Year MSc Earth Sciences (International Programme)

Patrick Thompson - 4th Year MSc Environmental Geoscience


Desislava Bankova - 3rd Year MSc Mathematics

Olimpia Bragaglia - 1st Year MSc Mathematical Modelling

David Chen - 2nd Year BSc Mathematics and Statistical Science

Michael Cornish - 1st Year MSc Mathematical Modelling

Chen Dong - 1st Year MSc Financial Mathematics

Ben Grosvenor - BSc Mathematics

Shuyi Huang - 3rd Year BSc Mathematics

Ali Khalid - 1st Year Research Degree

Huiyi Ma - 2nd Year BSc Mathematics with Economics

Andreea Mocanu - 3rd Year MSc Mathematics

Ahmad Nadim Jamil - 1st Year Research Degree

Jacopo Lanzoni - 1st Year Research Degree

Ruixiong Shi - 2nd Year BSc Mathematics and Statistical Science

Christopher Tay - 2nd Year MSc Mathematics with Mathematical Physics

Ruoyu Wang - 1st Year BSc Mathematics with Economics

Natural Sciences

Hoi Kei Chiu - 3rd Year MSc Natural Sciences

Radu Cioata - 2nd Year MSc Natural Sciences

Ida De Coninck-Smith - 2nd Year MSc Natural Sciences

Simon England - 3rd Year MSc Natural Sciences

Emma Foxell - 3rd Year MSc Natural Sciences

Harry Kelleher - 1st Year MSc Natural Sciences

Steven Jerjian - 3rd Year MSc Natural Sciences

Kai Tyng Loh - 3rd Year BSc Natural Sciences

Jamie Mee - 1st Year MSc Natural Sciences

Dhara Mulumudi - 1st Year MSc Natural Sciences

Andrea Nahum - 1st Year BSc Natural Sciences

​Moji Ogunkanmi​ - 2nd Year MSc Natural Sciences

John Sandford O’Neill - 3rd Year MSc Natural Sciences

Jayson Parmar - 4th Year MSc Natural Sciences

Jack Ren - 1st Year MSc Natural Sciences

Hannah Rigby - 1st Year MSc Natural Sciences

Luke Rigdwell - 3rd Year MSc Natural Sciences

Stefan Siwiak-Jaszek - 3rd Year MSc Natural Sciences

Xiaoxi Yan - 3rd Year MSc Natural Sciences

Angela Yau - 3rd Year MSc Natural Sciences

Physics and Astronomy

Matt Bonner - 2nd Year MSc Theoretical Physics

Oliver Codling - 3rd Year MSc Astrophysics

Alex Goodsell - 1st Year MSc Theoretical Physics

Jennifer Hall - 2nd Year MSc Astrophysics

Miklos Horvath - 3rd Year MSc Theoretical Physics

Tahmid Islam - 3rd Year MSc Physics

David Klein - 1st Year MSc Astrophysics

Gabriela May Lagunes - 1st Year MSc Physics

Abigail Marshall Bailey - 4th Year MSc Astrophysics

Kavushik Mohan Raj - 1st Year MSc Theoretical Physics

Abhimanyu Mukherjee - 4th Year MSc Physics

Laxmi Prajapat - 3rd Year MSc Astrophysics

Waleed Sannoufeh - 1st Year MSc Astrophysics

Richard Tweed - 1st Year MSc Physics

Umit Utku - 2nd Year MSc Physics

Science and Technology Studies

Eleanor Blackwell - 3rd Year BSc History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science

​Hui Ping Chu - 1st Year Research Degree

Laurence De Brabandt - 2nd Year BSc History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science

Poppy Jackson - 3rd Year BSc History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science

Zoe Ohman - 2nd Year BA Science and Society

Matthew Paskins - 3rd Year Research Degree

Catherine Stevenson - 1st Year MSc Science, Technology and Society

Amy White - 1st Year BA Science and Society

Raquel Velho - 1st Year Research Degree

Space and Climate Physics

Khalid Alawadhi - 1st Year MSc Space Science and Engineering: Space Science

Roger Duthie - 3rd Year Research Degree

Zhe Huang - 1st Year MSc Systems Engineering Management

Jamie Jasinski - 1st Year Research Degree

Geoffrey Knott - 1st Year MSc Space Science and Engineering: Space Science

Statistical Science

Pak Kin Chan - 1st Year BSc Statistics and Management for Business

Zhihong Chen - 3rd Year BSc Statistics, Economics and Finance

Qiuchen Duan - 1st Year BSc Statistics, Economics and Finance

Kirstin Gilbert - 3rd Year BSc Economics and Statistics

Ilham Hamza

Ruiqi He - 2nd Year BSc Statistics, Economics and a Language

Mansi Khanna - 1st Year MSc Statistics

Yecheng Jin - 1st Year BSc Economics and Statistics

​Jiangshan Li​ - 2nd Year BSc Statistics, Economics and Finance

Kanika Premi - 3rd Year BSc Statistics, Economics and Finance

Alvaro Quiros Rubio - 2nd Year BSc Economics and Statistics

Urvashi Ramful - 2nd Year BSc Economics and Statistics

Pratisha Ramtale - 3rd Year BSc Economics and Statistics

Yiying Wang - 1st Year BSc Economics and Statistics

Wenwen Xiao - 3rd Year BSc Economics and Statistics

​Qiusi Xu​ - 2nd Year BSc Statistics, Economics and Finance

Jianpeng Yang - 2nd Year BSc Economics and Statistics​

Xi Yang - 3rd Year BSc Statistics, Economics and Finance

Liu Yue - 1st Year MSc Statistics