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Life Sciences StARs

Division of Biosciences

Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit*

MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology*

School of Pharmacy

*There are currently no StARs elected for this department. Please directly contact your department staff.

Division of Biosciences

Shabinah Ali - 1st Year MSc Neuroscience

Wisenave Arulvasan - 3rd Year MSc Biological Sciences

Charlie Bain - 2nd Year BSc Biochemistry

William Baird - 3rd Year MSc Genetics of Human Disease

Jack Baker - 3rd Year MSc Biological Sciences

Joshua Bamford - 2nd Year MSc Biological Sciences

Dominique Barir Jensen - 3rd Year BSc Molecular Biology

Philipp Bartel - 1st Year MSc Neuroscience

Sara Bilooei - 1st Year MSc Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicine

Thomas Black - 1st Year MSc Pharmacology

Elizabeth Bone - 2nd Year BSc Biological Sciences

Monet Brackfield 4th Year MSc Biological Sciences

Alice Carty - 2nd Year BSc Biochemistry

Laura Chan Wah Hak - 1st Year MRes Biosciences

Cassandra Cheng - 3rd Year BSc Biochemistry

Daniel De La Torre - 1st Year BSc Biotechnology

Ewaoluwa Delano - 3rd Year MSc Medical Sciences

Lewis Denyer - 1st Year BSc Neuroscience

Eliza Diogo - 1st Year BSc Biochemistry

Lady-Namera Ejaimike - 3rd Year BSc Medical Sciences

Alexandra Eklund - 2nd Year BSc Biochemistry

Marios Erotocritou - 2nd Year BSc Biomedical Sciences

Olivia Ferrari - 1st Year MRes Biodiversity, Evolution & Conservation

Karen Fung - 1st Year BSc Biochemistry

Philip Gardner - 3rd Year BSc Medicine

Rahul Ghelani - 3rd Year BSc Medical Sciences

Edoardo Gianni - 1st Year BSc Biotechnology

Maria Gregori - 3rd Year BSc Medical Sciences

Emily Heathward - 4th Year MSc Biological Sciences

Erin Hopley - 3rd Year BSc Medical Sciences

Sohaila Jalali - 3rd Year BSc Biotechnology

Grace Jeremy - 3rd Year BSc Biochemistry

Ridhima Kad - 2nd Year MSc Biological Sciences

Osama Kasem - 1st Year MSc Neuroscience

Assel Kashkenbayeva - 2nd Year MSc. Neuroscience

Lilit Kostandian - 1st Year MSc Neuroscience

Lesley Kiribathgoda - 1st Year MSc Biomedical Sciences

De Lao - 3rd Year BSc Medicine

Yan Lee - 4th Year MSc Biological Sciences (International Programme)

Nagina Mangal - 1st Year MRes Biosciences

David McBay - 3rd Year MSc Biological Sciences

Shireen Mohammad - 2nd Year BSc Pharmacology

Azilleo Mozihim - 1st Year BSc Biochemistry

Jack Munns - 4th Year MSc Biological Sciences

Gavin Ngo - 2nd Year BSc Biochemistry

Raquel Palmeira - 1st Year BSc Biological Sciences

Alexandra-Loredana Petrache - 2nd Year MSc Biological Sciences (International Programme)

Sheng Pong - 2nd Year MSc Biological Sciences

Laura Porto - 1st Year MSc Pharmacology

Holly Pratelli - 2nd Year BSc Human Sciences

Ana Riesco - 2nd Year BSc Biochemistry

Abbie Rogan - 1st Year BSc Biochemistry

Elizabeth Rose-Innes - 3rd Year BSc Molecular Biology

Namrata Saha - 1st Year MSc Genetics of Human Disease

Gayatri Saxena - 3rd Year BSc Medical Sciences

Aarti Sehdev - 3rd Year MSc Biological Sciences (International Programme)

Penthai Siriwat - 1st Year MRes Biodiversity, Evolution &Conservation

Dilini Srikantha - 3rd Year BSc Medical Sciences

Danila Voronov - 2nd Year MSc Biological Sciences

Christina Wainer - 2nd Year MSc Pharmacology

Phoebe Walsh - 1st Year MSc Biomedical Sciences

Faye Walton - 2nd Year BSc Human Sciences

School of Pharmacy

Amy Chow - 4th Year MPharm Pharmacy

Dina Dakkak - 1st Year MSc Drug Discovery and Development

Abir Lakache - 2nd Year MPharm Pharmacy

Sergio Lanza - 2nd Year MPharm Pharmacy

Kassra Mobini Tehrani - 4th Year MPharm Pharmacy

Doyinsola Okebukola - 1st Year MSc Clinical Pharmacy, International Practice and Policy

Cristina Parau - 1st Year MSc Drug Discovery and Development

Nidhin Raj - 1st Year Research Degree

Lindsay Reed - 1st Year MRes Pharmacy

Garima Sharma - 1st Year Research Degree

Ayesha Usman Mahmud - 3rd Year MPharm Pharmacy

Tianxing Xu - 1st Year MSc Drug Delivery