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What is the LGBT+ Forum?

How is it run?

How can I get involved?

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What is the LGBT+ Forum?
The UCLU LGBT+ Forum is here to support you in your study and work, to provide you with assistance and information, as well as to campaign on your behalf and raise awareness of your issues.

The aims of the Forum are:

  1. to provide social and welfare support to LGBT+ students;
  2. to campaign and raise awareness of LGBT+ issues, both on campus and outside of it;
  3. to represent LGBT+ students on UCLU Council.

The Forum enables you to meet like-minded people within UCL and across London. We work closely with LGBT+ networks, societies and charities, putting on joint social events and joint campaigns, and providing volunteering opportunities. In the past, our events have included parties, club nights, coffee socials, book groups, panel debates, talks, film screenings, trips to cinemas and museums, guided walks, quizzes and charity fundraisers.

We operate under the umbrella term UCLU LGBT+, and are open to people who self-define as being one or more of: lesbian, gay, bi, trans*, and/or any other sexual or gender minority including but not limited to queer, intersex and asexual.
How is it run?
UCLU LGBT+ has one elected officer, who is voted for by all LGBT+ UCL students on an annual basis. All decisions are made democratically, and any LGBT+ student is invited to suggest and plan events or to give input on the direction of the Forum.
How can I get involved?
As an LGBT+ student, you are warmly invited to attend the Forum’s events, whether you’re completely new or you’ve been involved for years. If you have an idea for an event or you have any concerns, please feel free to contact the LGBT+ officer. We love receiving feedback or ideas for things we could be doing!
Contact Information
The LGBT+ officer Tom Robinson is available for a meeting should you have any questions or concerns, and can be contacted directly by e-mail. There is an LGBT+ welfare drop-in between 1pm and 2pm on Fridays in Room 405, 25 Gower Street.

If you wish to contact an individual committee member, they are: