University College London Union

Joint UCL and UCLU Statement on the 2012 National Student Survey


To Final Year Undergraduate Students*,

You are being asked to complete the 2012 National Student Survey (NSS) this term, the largest student survey of its kind in the world.

The NSS is an opportunity to give your feedback on the academic experience at UCL - from the learning resources available, to academic support and course teaching.  UCL wants to hear your views and will use the NSS results survey to help improve teaching and learning for future students.

You can take part by going to the NSS web-site at:


We hope that you will participate; it takes only five minutes on-line and will assist future students to make their university choices as well as helping UCL and UCLU to improve the experience of students.

Thank you,

Professor Anthony Smith, UCL Vice-Provost (Education)

Luke Durigan, Education & Campaigns Officer, UCLU


How the survey results are used

The NSS results will be published from September 2012 as part of the Key Information Set data, which enables prospective students to access useful information regarding higher education. By providing valuable feedback on your learning experiences, you therefore play an essential role in helping future students to make well-informed decisions about their programmes and universities of choice.

The NSS forms part of the student feedback data which are discussed across the university, including by senior UCL committees. Examples of action which student feedback has helped inform include:

  • the introduction of UCL-wide service standards on assessment and feedback on marked work;
  • changes to student pastoral care including improved Personal Tutoring arrangements;
  • improvements to learning resources, such as extended Library opening hours during the exam period and improved internet access in UCL accommodation;
  • improving the experience of international students;
  • local departmental and faculty action to address specific student concerns on their programmes and courses.

UCLU also receives the results of feedback obtained through the NSS, including comments on its own services and is able, via its representatives, to contribute to discussions in UCL committees.

The higher the response rate, the more reliable and useful the data will be to help improve the student experience at UCL. 


Please note:

1 In some cases, students, particularly on programmes with a 3 or 4 year option or those who have interrupted their studies, may be surveyed in their penultimate year. Students are not as a rule invited to complete the NSS more than once. If you are in your penultimate year and wish to take part, please do so now as you may not be asked again.

2 If you do not wish to participate, please visit the NSS website in order to opt-out and ensure that you are not contacted further.