University College London Union

UCLU Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

UCLU is verifying several activities for inclusion on the HEAR; these are listed below along with the criteria that needed to have been met for us to have included your involvement. 

Note that HEAR is available for most undergraduates who first enrolled at UCL in the 2011 / 12 academic year or thereafter. Postgraduates, medical students and students on a couple of other courses are not eligible - for further information, visit UCL’s guidance on eligibility.  

UCLU has chosen to submit the following activities for inclusion on the HEAR:-

  • Student Academic Representatives (StARs)
  • Community Volunteering
  • Student Led Volunteering Programme Project Leader
  • Union Colours and Awards
  • Club and Society Presidents and Treasurers

No activities other than those listed above will be submitted to UCL this year.

Students needed to meet certain criteria (listed below) before the activity is eligible for inclusion on their HEAR. 

Student Academic Representatives (StARs)

Validation will be made where the student has met the following criteria:

  • Confirmation of their appointment by the relevant academic department/school;
  • Attendance at two SSCC meetings;
  • Attendance at one training session; and
  • Submission of a written statement reflecting upon their experience.

Community Volunteering

Community volunteering can only be added to a student’s HEAR if they meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of at least 20 hours of verifiable community volunteering with one of the Volunteering Services Unit partner organisations or Student Led Projects.  There are three categories for this on the HEAR – 20 hours, 50 hours and 100 hours.

On telling us about their eligible volunteering, we will seek confirmation from the person who has supervised or led the student’s volunteering.

The Volunteering Services Unit will be in touch with eligible students and project supervisors during the Summer Term.

The name of the organisation or project will not appear on the HEAR – rather, students will have a category assigned: 20 hours community volunteering, 50 hours community volunteering or 100 hours community volunteering, on the basis of what has been verified.

To find out more, visit the Volunteering Services Unit’s webpages.

Student Led Volunteering Programme Project Leader

Students who have led one of the VSU’s Student Led Projects are also eligible to have this included on their HEAR.

Validation will be made where students have met the following criteria:

  • They have contributed at least 30 hours to the project as a leader
  • This has been verified by their Project Supervisor in the VSU

The name of the project will not be visible on the HEAR – instead, the category will be logged as ‘Student Led Volunteering Programme – Project Leader’.

To find out more, visit the Volunteering Services Unit’s webpages.

Colours / Awards

Validation will be made where the student has met the following criterion:

  • Confirmation has been obtained of their award

Clubs and Societies Presidents and Treasurers

Validation will be made where the student has met the following criteria:

  • Been duly elected to the position by vote at AGM or taken the post as the inaugural officer of the society for a full academic year;
  • Attended the full mandatory Club and Society training package (usually held in May/June each year)
  • Run the club or society for at least one academic year and can provide evidence via the yearly report form of the activity run on at least 6 occasions.

If you have any queries about whether your activity can be included please speak to a member of staff who co-ordinates the activity; for any other queries please contact m.nri@ucl.ac.uk