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Engineering StARs

Biochemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering*

Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

Computer Science*

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Management, Science and Innovation

Mechanical Engineering

Medical Physics & Bioengineering

Security and Crime Science

*There are currently no StARs elected for this department. Please directly contact your department staff.

Biochemical Engineering

Fatima Asif - 3rd Year BEng Biochemical Engineering

Felicity Gan Pei-June - 4th Year MEng Biochemical with Chemical Engineering

Shamily Jeevakumaran - 3rd Year MEng Biochemical Engineering with Study Abroad

Katie Manescu - 3rd Year BEng Biochemical Engineering

Anand Pallipurath Radhakrishnan - 1st Year Reseach Degree

Martina Sebastian - 4th Year MEng Biochemical Engineering

Alex Templar - 2nd Year EngD Biochemical Engineering

Li Xie - 3rd Year BEng Biochemical Engineering

Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

Saad Butt - 2nd Year MEng Civil Engineering

Anastasia Dharma - 2nd Year BEng Environmental Engineering

Giulio Ferrini - 4th Year MEng Environmental Engineering

Michael Ginzo - 2nd Year MEng Civil Engineering

Zeina Hawa - 4th Year MEng Environmental Engineering

Adrian Kay - 3rd Year MEng Civil Engineering

Amir Khoylou - 3rd Year MEng Civil Engineering

Alalea Kia - 4th Year MEng Civil Engineering

Brendan O’Connor - 3rd Year MEng Environmental Engineering

Flavia Ottaviano - 1st Year MEng Environmental Engineering

Devang Patel - 1st Year BEng Civil Engineering

Salem Qunsol - 3rd Year MEng Environmental Engineering

Renee Seyidova - 2nd Year BEng Environmental Engineering

Anfisa Tukhavatullina - 1st Year MEng Civil Engineering

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Tanzila Ali - 3rd Year BEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Basim Asher - 3rd Year MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering (International Programme)

Stefan-Horia Barbuta - 2nd Year MEng Electronic Engineering with Communication Engineering

Debankur Ghosh - 2nd Year MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Daniel Mannion - 1st Year MEng Electronic Engineering with Nanotechnology

Laura Santos - 2nd Year MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering (International Programme)

Jeffrey Shen - 3rd Year MEng Electronic Engineering with Computer Science

Joseph Smith - 4th Year MEng Electronic Engineering with Nanotechnology

Management, Science and Innovation

Feyisayo Adegbohun - 3rd Year BSc Information Management for Business

Kenneth Cheng - 4th Year MSc Information Management for Business

Adrian Cheng - 2nd Year MSc Information Management for Business

Tim Cholibois - 1st Year MSc Management

Alex Jones - 2nd Year BSc Information Management for Business

Annemarie Ko - 3rd Year BSc Information Management for Business

Syeda Quader 3rd Year BSc Information Management for Business

Sunyoung Ro - 2nd Year BSc Information Management for Business

Undine Rubeze 1st Year MSc Management

Sana Shah - 3rd Year BSc Information Management for Business

Srinidhi Soundararajan - 4th Year MSc Information Management for Business

Nathalie Van Haaren - 1st Year MSc Management

Paris Zhao - 2nd Year BSc Information Management for Business

Mechanical Engineering

Gabrielle Bourret-Sicotte - 2nd Year MEng Mechanical Engineering

James Cook - 3rd Year BEng Mechanical Engineering

Noureddine El Saidi - 2nd Year MEng Mechanical Engineering

Megdi Eltayeb - 1st Year Research Degree

Daniel Erkel - 4th Year MEng Mechanical Engineering with Business Finance

Joe Fang - 4th Year MEng Mechanical Engineering with Business Finance

Brako Francis - 1st Year Research Degree

Nicholas Koh - 3rd Year BEng Mechanical Engineering

Roberto Koustas - 4th Year MEng Mechanical Engineering

Rehan Shah - 3rd Year BEng Mechanical Engineering

Douglas Stridsberg - 2nd Year MEng Mechanical Engineering

Krishna Vadakattu - 3rd Year MEng Mechanical Engineering

Medical Physics & Bioengineering

Peter Bruton - 1st Year MSc Physics and Engineering in Medicine

Pritum Hirani - 3rd Year BSc Physics with Medical Physics

Sabrina Lister - 3rd Year BSc Medical Sciences

Michael Ruddlesden - 2nd Year MSc Medical Physics

Samuel Searles-Bryant - 1st Year MSc Medical Physics

Panagiota Seferli - 1st Year MSc Physics and Engineering in Medicine

Chu Ting - 4th Year MSc Medical Physics

Daniel Weston - 1st Year MSc Physics and Engineering in Medicine

Security and Crime Science

Richard Carpenter - 4th Year MSc Crime Science

Oli Hutt - 2nd Year MSc Countering Organised Crime and Terrorism