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Engineering StARs

Faculty StARs

Gabrielle Bourret-Sicotte - Engineering Sciences Faculty StAR (Undergraduate)

Francis Brako - Engineering Sciences Faculty StAR (Postgraduate Research)

StARs by Department

Biochemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

Computer Science

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Management, Science and Innovation

Mechanical Engineering

Medical Physics & Bioengineering

Security and Crime Science*

*There are currently no StARs elected for this department. Please directly contact your department staff.

Biochemical Engineering

Charmain Li - Year 1 MSc Biochemical Engineering

Anand Pallipurath Radhakrishnan - Year 2 Research Degree

Chemical Engineering

Masooma Hussain - Year 3 MEng Chemical Engineering

Victor Lindoso - Year 1 MEng Civil Engineering

Marouf Malik - Year 2 MEng Chemical Engineering

Salem Morelli - Year 1 MEng Engineering

Abhi Panda - Year 4 MEng Chemical Engineering

Shyam Raithatha - Year 3 MEng Chemical Engineering

Andrew Rogers - Year 1 MSc Chemical Process Engineering

Deanna Sharma - Year 2 MEng Chemical Engineering with Study Abroad

Sandev Srinivas - Year 4 MEng Chemical Engineering

Archana Venkatesh - Year 3 MEng Chemical Engineering with Study Abroad

Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

Paul Alvarez Mendoza - Year 1 MSc Civil Engineering (with Environmental Systems)

Saad Butt - Year 3 MEng Civil Engineering

Anastasia Dharma - Year 3 MEng Environmental Engineering

Michael Ginzo - Year 3 BSc Civil Engineering

Adrian Kay - Year 4 MEng Civil Engineering

Amir Khoylou - Year 4 MEng Civil Engineering

Radoslaw Kowalski - Year 1 MRes Urban Sustainability and Resilience

Chad Langford - Year 1 MSc Spatio-temporal Analytics and Big Data Mining

Pernille Melleby - Year 4 MEng Environmental Engineering

Flavia Ottaviano - Year 2 MEng Environmental Engineering

Devang Patel - Year 2 BEng Civil Engineering

Christopher Quinlan - Year 1 MSc Hydrographic Surveying

Renee Seyidova - Year 3 MEng Environmental Engineering

Pavel Tkachyk - Year 1 MSc Civil Engineering (with Environmental Systems)

Hamuza Toyozawa - Year 2 MEng Environmental Engineering

Anfisa Tukhvatullina - Year 2 MEng Civil Engineering

Luis Fernando Gutierrez Urzua - Year 1 MSc Earthquake Engineering with Disaster Management

Ching Wong - Year 3 MEng Civil Engineering

Computer Science

Lucky Onwuzurike - Year 1 Research Degree

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Atolani Abiodun - Year 1 MSc Internet Engineering

Andrawes Al Bahou - Year 2 MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Jingyi Bai - Year 1 MSc Wireless and Optical Communications

Richard Baltrusch - Year 1 MEng Engineering

Elena Berki - Year 3 MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Chamath Ellawala - Year 4 MEng Electronic Engineering with Communications Engineering

Nuno Azevedo Loures - Year 1 MSc Telecommunications with Business

Hussain Mahmood - Year 2 MEng Electronic Engineering with Communications Engineering

Daniel Mannion - Year 2 MEng Electronic Engineering with Nanotechnology

Peter Phu - Year 1 MSc Nanotechnology

Han Qin - Year 1 MSc Wireless and Optical Communications

Laura Santos - Year 3 MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering (International Programme)

Franky Saxena - Year 1 MEng Engineering

Sahand Sehatpour - Year 1 MRes Telecommunications

Jeffrey Shen - Year 4 MEng Electronic Engineering with Computer Science

Ruochen Su - Year 3 BSc Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Ayibatari Warde - Year 1 MSc Telecommunications

Mitchell Weijerman - Year 1 BEng Engineering

Management, Science and Innovation

Natalie Avon - Year 1 MSci Information Management for Business

Andreas Haberl - Year 1 MSc Management

Ta Wei Lin - Year 1 MSc Technology Entrepreneurship

Shou Yue Lu - Year 1 MSc Management

Thao Xuan Phan - Year 3 MSci Information Management for Business

Undine Rubeze - Year 2 MSc Management

Alex Nguyen - Year 2 MSc Technology Entrepreneurship

Mechanical Engineering

Megdi Eltayeb - Year 2 Research Degree

Brako Francis - Year 2 Research Degree

Medical Physics & Bioengineering

Sabrina Lister - Year 4 BSc Medical Sciences

Michael Ruddlesden - Year 3 MSc Medical Physics

Samuel Searles-Bryant - Year 2 MSc Medical Physics

Daniel Weston - Year 2 MSc Physics and Engineering in Medicine