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Engineering StARs

Faculty StARs

Gabrielle Bourret-Sicotte - Engineering Sciences Faculty StAR (Undergraduate)

Francis Brako - Engineering Sciences Faculty StAR (Postgraduate Research)

StARs by Department

Biochemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

Computer Science*

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Management, Science and Innovation

Mechanical Engineering

Medical Physics & Bioengineering

Security and Crime Science*

*There are currently no StARs elected for this department. Please directly contact your department staff.

Biochemical Engineering

Charmain Li - Year 1 MSc Biochemical Engineering

Anand Pallipurath Radhakrishnan - Year 2 Reseach Degree

Chemical Engineering

Masooma Hussain - Year 3 MEng Chemical Engineering

Marouf Malik - Year 2 MEng Chemical Engineering

Abhi Panda - Year 4 MEng Chemical Engineering

Shyam Raithatha - Year 3 MEng Chemical Engineering

Andrew Rogers - Year 1 MSc Chemical Process Engineering

Deanna Sharma - Year 2 MEng Chemical Engineering with Study Abroad

Sandev Srinivas - Year 4 MEng Chemical Engineering

Archana Venkatesh - Year 3 MEng Chemical Engineering with Study Abroad

Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

Paul Alvarez Mendoza - Year 1 MSc Civil Engineering (with Environmental Systems)

Saad Butt - Year 3 MEng Civil Engineering

Anastasia Dharma - Year 3 MEng Environmental Engineering

Michael Ginzo - Year 3 BSc Civil Engineering

Adrian Kay - Year 4 MEng Civil Engineering

Amir Khoylou - Year 4 MEng Civil Engineering

Radoslaw Kowalski - Year 1 MRes Urban Sustainability and Resilience

Chad Langford - Year 1 MSc Spatio-temporal Analytics and Big Data Mining

Pernille Melleby - Year 4 MEng Environmental Engineering

Flavia Ottaviano - Year 2 MEng Environmental Engineering

Devang Patel - Year 2 BEng Civil Engineering

Christopher Quinlan - Year 1 MSc Hydrographic Surveying

Renee Seyidova - Year 3 MEng Environmental Engineering

Pavel Tkachyk - Year 1 MSc Civil Engineering (with Environmental Systems)

Hamuza Toyozawa - Year 2 MEng Environmental Engineering

Anfisa Tukhvatullina - Year 2 MEng Civil Engineering

Luis Fernando Gutierrez Urzua - Year 1 MSc Earthquake Engineering with Disaster Management

Ching Wong - Year 3 MEng Civil Engineering

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Atolani Abiodun - Year 1 MSc Internet Engineering

Andrawes Al Bahou - Year 2 MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Jingyi Bai - Year 1 MSc Wireless and Optical Communications

Richard Baltrusch - Year 1 MEng Engineering

Elena Berki - Year 3 MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Chamath Ellawala - Year 4 MEng Electronic Engineering with Communications Engineering

Nuno Azevedo Loures - Year 1 MSc Telecommunications with Business

Hussain Mahmood - Year 2 MEng Electronic Engineering with Communications Engineering

Daniel Mannion - Year 2 MEng Electronic Engineering with Nanotechnology

Peter Phu - Year 1 MSc Nanotechnology

Han Qin - Year 1 MSc Wireless and Optical Communications

Laura Santos - Year 3 MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering (International Programme)

Franky Saxena - Year 1 MEng Engineering

Sahand Sehatpour - Year 1 MRes Telecommunications

Jeffrey Shen - Year 4 MEng Electronic Engineering with Computer Science

Ruochen Su - Year 3 BSc Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Ayibatari Warde - Year 1 MSc Telecommunications

Mitchell Weijerman - Year 1 

Management, Science and Innovation

Andreas Haberl - Year 1 MSc Management

Ta Wei Lin - Year 1 MSc Technology Entrepreneurship

Shou Yue Lu - Year 1 MSc Management

Undine Rubeze - Year 2 MSc Management

Alex Nguyen - Year 2 MSc Technology Entrepreneurship

Mechanical Engineering

Megdi Eltayeb - Year 2 Research Degree

Brako Francis - Year 2 Research Degree

Medical Physics & Bioengineering

Sabrina Lister - Year 4 BSc Medical Sciences

Michael Ruddlesden - Year 3 MSc Medical Physics

Samuel Searles-Bryant - Year 2 MSc Medical Physics

Daniel Weston - Year 2 MSc Physics and Engineering in Medicine