University College London Union

Why stand for election?

Being an officer is a valuable and rewarding experience. You will have the chance to make a difference to current and future students at UCL by representing their views and campaigning on issues that students face. As an officer you will be a part of shaping the future of both UCL and UCLU.

You won’t be on your own; you will have the support of the sabbatical officers, UCLU staff and have access to the resources of UCLU to fund the changes that you want to make.

Being an officer also gives you valuable and varied experience that will look great on your CV and help when applying for jobs in the future.

If you want more information about the elections, to register your interest or to recommend someone that you think would make a great student officer fill out this short form and we will be in touch!

Thinking of standing?

If you unsure about whether you want to stand for election or simply just want to know more information come along to one of our ‘Thinking of Standing’ events. At these you will be able to get more information on the election process and to hear what its like to run in an election from some of our elected officers. You will also have the chance to ask any questions that you have about the positions or the elections more broadly.  Check the Elections Schedule for when these events are.