University College London Union

Medical Society

UCLU Medical Society welcomes speakers from a wide variety of medical specialties. These events enable students to learn more about areas of interest and possible career options, as well as providing ample networking opportunities. We also organise valuable education events to supplement the 5 core years of the MBBS including peer lectures and SBA/OSCE exam workshops. We are delighted to be sponsored by the Royal College of Physicians and indeed to have their President, Professor Jane Dacre, as the Patron of UCLU Medical Society. 

This year we are excited to be introducing MedSoc Mondays! This means that our members can regularly attend events that broaden their knowledge of the medical field and the careers ahead of them. We look forward to seeing you at an event soon.

Term 1 2014 Events*:

  • Battle of the Medics
  • MRI: From Protons to Pictures
  • A Marriage of Mind & Body: Where Paediatrics & Mental Health Meet
  • An African Orthopaedic Experience
  • Electives Fair
  • Smartphones not Stethoscopes: The Future of Health?
  • “West vs. The Rest: This house believes that the West’s involvement in the Ebola crisis has done more harm than good”
  • Childhood Cancer: A 360°
  • "My Most Challenging Case…"

*For dates & times please visit our Facebook Page and website.

Date established: 
January 2011