University College London Union

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CSC reception?

The CSC reception is your first point of call for all club and society enquiries.

2nd Floor Bloomsbury Theatre
0207 679 7239

At the CSC Reception you can enquire about:

  • Room bookings

  • Post and pigeon holes

  • Buying memberships online

  • Committee dates

  • All electronic forms

  • Travel reclaims

  • Storage facilities for clubs and societies

  • External speakers

  • Keys for booked rooms

  • Skills4Work

  • Event tickets

  • Fax

  • Photocopying

  • Colours and Awards

  • Complaints Procedures

  • Feedback

  • Room setup

  • Equipment checks

  • Booking finance appointments with Finance Assistant

  • Booking surgery appointments

When is the CSC reception open?

Monday - Friday: 10am - 9pm.

Saturday: 11am - 4.45pm

Sunday: Closed.

These hours are TERM TIME ONLY. Out of Term CSC reception is closed, but the CSC Admin Office is open(see hours below)

What are the office hours?

The CSC staff team work from 9am - 5.30pm Mon-Thurs and 4.30pm Fri (not weekends), but are only available by pre-arranged appointment, or during drop-in and surgery times. The CSC reception staff should be able to answer most of your questions and should be your first port of call during term time. Visit the CSC Admin Office outside of term time (just along the corridor near CSC reception)

Can I book a room to use? How?

UCLU has a few rooms that can be booked; most of them are in the Bloomsbury building. During term they are available for any club or society to use, but not individual students. The rooms can be used for:

  • Prayer meetings

  • Music practice

  • Drama rehearsals

  • Film screenings

  • Conferences

  • Committee meetings

  • Interviews

  • Functions

For more information on how to book a Union or College venue, please visit this page.

Can I get post sent to the CSC?

Each club and society has a post folder behind the CSC reception. Only post for your society can be sent here. Do not keep anything personal in the folder, especially not cash and valuables. For security reasons, only Presidents and Treasurers can access the post.

How does UCLU allocate grant funding to our clubs each year?

Towards the end of Term 2 each year the UCLU grant allocation process happens. This involves staff briefing our officers on how clubs have spent their funding in the preceding year against the grant given. Staff and Officers will then meet with clubs where possible to ascertain requirements for the coming year(especially sports clubs where costs tend to be higher).

All Clubs and Societies can apply for a  grant from UCLU, but the amount can vary from £0 to several thousand pounds depending on the activity and membership levels. UCLU does not guarantee funding for an activity, but will try to accommodate requests where we can within our budget and where member benefit can be clearly proven.

The final decision on grants is made during term 3 and will be available for handover between club and society officers. An appeals process for those unhappy with their grant is available during term 3 before the grants are finalised over the summer and inputted into the following years budget and accounts system.

Further details about funding policies for grant can be downloaded here.

Any enquiries about grant allocation should be sent to uclu-csactivity@ucl.ac.uk

Can I use the fax machine?

Any student may send a fax from the CSC reception, but you will be charged per page. The tariffs are:

  • London 40p
  • UK 60p
  • Europe 80p
  • US and Canada £1.10
  • Rest of world £1.50

If the fax is for a society, Presidents and Treasurers can have these charged to their non-grant account, as long as a valid President and Treasurer card is shown.

How do I join a club or society?

Firstly, go to the Welcome Fayre, held at the start of Term 1 each year, as you can find out all the information you need to know about clubs and societies there, including the membership fee. If you miss that then check out our directory here. Then there’s ‘Try’ fortnight, where most clubs offer free taster sessions for the two weeks, and sports clubs put on trials for two weeks! After those two weeks, there’s ‘Joining’ fortnight. Clubs and societies must have at least 30 members to exist, so join up quickly, and tell all your friends to join too. Each club has a membership fee (explained below), and you can buy your membership online. When the payment has been processed, your name and contact information will be passed onto the club president. If you don’t have a credit or debit card, you can still pay the membership fee in cash, at the CSC Reception. 

What are membership fees and how are they used?

To become a member of a club or society, you are usually required to pay a fee. These fees go towards the running cost of your club and are known as “Non-Grant Money”. The fees vary from club to club because a society who’s main activity is discussion, won’t have as much need of funds as a sport that has a lot of expensive equipment. Money is also given to the clubs, by UCLU in the form of a grant. “Grant” and “Non-Grant” funds are both used to fund the activities the club provides. 

Do I need previous experience to join a sport or society?

The short answer is no. Everybody is welcome to join any Club or Society, no matter what your experience. Most sports clubs have trainers or coaches to help members of all abilities and levels. Some people will go along just for training, others so that they can compete. Give It A Go (GIAG) also runs beginners’ sports sessions in collaboration with the sports clubs. In the past there have been GIAG sessions with Horse Riding and the African Caribbean Society, to name a few. Information on GIAG sessions is available at uclu.org/giag and tickets are available online

How much commitment do I need to put in?

How often you go is up to you, as you are the one paying for the membership. All societies meet at least once a week, normally the same day, same time and same location. However sports clubs may need more dedication, as they are competitive and have teams with play matches, although going just to train is often fine(check before you join). 

When and where do societies meet? 

Most clubs and societies meet at least once a week for training, rehearsals or their regular meeting. There are a few ways to find out when they meet:

  1. Go to the Welcome Fair and meet the existing members of the club. They will tell you when they meet and what their activities are, and they will probably hand you a flyer with the information on.
  2. ‘Try’ fortnight, is two weeks when you can go along to as many club meetings as you want and try them out for free. If you want to keep going, the president will tell you about future meetings etc.
  3. Go to the club’s page from the A-Z directory. Their site should have all the information you’ll need about their meetings.
  4. Ring up or visit the CSC reception – they will be able to tell you which societies are using the Bloomsbury facilities for meetings, and they can also find out when and where sports clubs are meeting/training. 

Can anyone use the Clubs and Societies Centre?

Yes, we are open to all students and the common room is available to everyone, but it can get busy. The computers in the CSC common room, however, are not for personal use. 

Can I start a new club or society? How?

Any UCL student can start a new club or society, and we really enjoy seeing the diversity of activities our members get up to. Affiliations happen twice yearly, once in terms 1 and 2 respectively.  A UCLU Society can only begin activity once it has been successfully affiliated via the Activities Network Executive which meets twice throughout the year to review applications. Please see this page for more information.

Can UCL alumni/students at another university/UCL staff join a club or society?

Yes! Higher Education students from outside of the university as well as UCL staff and UCL Alumni can become Associate/Visiting Members. All you need to do is fill in a Visiting and Associate Membership form.

Post in the form to CSC Reception, 2nd Floor, Bloomsbury Building, 15 Gordon Street, London WC1H 0AH or bring it along to CSC reception.

A year’s membership is £25 or you can also purchase three months’ membership for £15 and you will then have to pay the club’s membership fee on top of that. 

Can my UCLU club have an official e-mail UCL address?

Yes, each UCLU club is entitled to an official UCL e-mail address, so that your personal ones are secure. To apply for an official e-mail, please email uclu-csactivity@ucl.ac.uk and request this service
Don’t forget if you are e-mailing a large group of people, put all their details in the BCC address bar, so that their e-mail addresses stay secure too.

Accessing your Club or Society Inbox:

To access your club or society account, you will first need to sign into your UCL student email account.  Once you have done this, you can access your club or society inbox:

If you use Microsoft Outlook to check your student email account, go to File > Open > Other User’s Folders’, type your club or society’s user id into the pop up window and this will open up your inbox.

If you access your student email via a web browser, i.e. using the Microsoft Outlook Web App  you will need to click on the down arrow in top right hand corner by your name and select ‘Open Other Mailbox’ , type in your club or society’s user id and it will open your club or society’s inbox.

How do I sell tickets to my club’s/society’s event?

There are a few bits of paperwork to fill in to be able to sell tickets, so here is the process;

  1. Make sure that you have handed in an Additional Activity form (if not covered by your annual Risk Assessment or involving an overnight stay), so we know all the details about your event
  2. You then need to email in an Event Budget if you’re going to be selling tickets. Event Budgets need to be emailed in at least two weeks before (longer lead in times apply for larger events - see “How To Guide”) your event for approval
  3. Once it has been approved, you then have to order your tickets through us. This is done by e-mailing in a ticket request form, and you should allow at least a week for this.
  4. You then need to arrange the selling of your tickets. If you have gone through the above process, you are allowed to sell your tickets through the CSC reception. You must gain permission by e-mailing uclu-csactivity@ucl.ac.uk marking it “FAO Johnny Glover”
  5. A button will then be added to the till at CSC Reception, and we can match up the ticket stubs to what has gone through the till. This will be reflected in your club’s non-grant account

Where do I go if I have a complaint about the CSC(including CSC Finance)?

If your problem is about the administration of the centre, its services or a staff member, you should speak to the Activities and Skills Manager. An appointment can be made with him by contacting the CSC reception on 0207 679 7239 or email your complaint to r.kelway@ucl.ac.uk

If your problem concerns a specific club or society, you should speak to the Activities and Events Officer by emailing: ae.officer@ucl.ac.uk