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AIESEC Society

AIESEC is an international student organization, with 60 years of existence, over 86,000 members, 113 countries and 2100 universities involved. It is a platform for students to develop into future leaders to make this world a better place.

Albanian Society

If you are interested in Albania, why not join the UCLU Albanian Society? This society provides a window of information for anybody interested in Albanian Culture, history and current affairs. Come and join us for an insight into all things Albanian. 

Anime Society

Our society deals with everything related to the media called Japanese Animation, or Anime in short. Whether you're just curious about anime or a long-term fan, our society is the one for you.

Art Society

UCLU Art Society provides an inclusive and encouraging environment for art lovers to enjoy both making and appreciating art. Here are just some of the things we have planned for the year ahead:

Azerbaijan Society

The Azerbaijan Society UCLU is a cultural society that aims to unite and support all Azerbaijani students at UCL, and create networking opportunities with other students, organisations and societies. We also wish to familiarize all the students of UCL with Azerbaijan’s rich cultural heritage, tra

Badminton Club

UCLU Badminton is consistently one of the largest sports club in the University College London Union, involving over 150 UCL students every year in weekly training sessions, matches and social events. Our badminton club caters for all levels from beginner to experienced players.