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Bartlett School of Architecture

Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management

Bartlett School of Graduate Studies

Bartlett School of Planning

Bartlett Centre of Advanced Spatial Analysis

Development Planning Unit

UCL Energy Institute

UCL Institute of Sustainable Resources*

*There are currently no StARs elected for this department. Please directly contact your department staff.

Bartlett School of Architecture

Yat Heidi Au Yeung - 1st Year BSc Architecture

Nicholas Blomstrand - 1st Year MArch Architecture

​Ornruja Boonyasit - 1st Year MArch Graduate Architectural Design

Matthew Bovingdon-Downe - 3rd Year BSc Architecture

Thomas Budd - 3rd Year BSc Architecture

Joel Cady - 2nd Year MArch Architecture

Yichao Chen - 1st Year MArch Graduate Architectural Design

George Courtauld - 3rd Year BSc Architecture

Liam Davis - 2nd Year MArch Architecture

Christophe Dembinski - 2nd Year BSc Architecture

Ester Fernandez Aragones - 1st Year MArch Urban Design

Christopher Haines - 1st Year MArch Urban Design

Claire Haugh - 3rd Year BSc Architecture

Jonathan Holmes - 2nd Year MArch Architecture

Helena Howard - 1st Year MArch Architecture

Jamie Lilley 1st Year MArch Architecture

Yangyang Liu - 2nd Year BSc Architecture

Heather McVicar - 1st Year MArch Architecture

Kristoffer Mitchell - 2nd Year MArch Architecture

Robert Newcombe - 2nd Year BSc Architecture

Phed Niyomsilp - 1st Year MArch Urban Design

Victoria Oshinusi - 1st Year BSc Architecture

Thomas Pearce - 2nd Year MArch Architecture

Joanne Preston - 2nd Year MArch Architecture

David Roberts - 1st Year Research Degree

Emily Priest - 3rd Year BSc Architecture

Cassidy Reid - 3rd Year BSc Architecture

Arub Saqib - 1st Year MArch Architecture

Tamon Sawangdee - 1st Year MArch Graduate Architectural Design

Ben Sykes-Thompson - 1st Year BSc Architecture

Zahra Taleifeh - 1st Year MArch Architecture

Sam Tan - 3rd Year BSc Architecture

Rachael Taylor - 1st Year BSc Architecture

Tomas Tvarijonas - 1st Year MArch Architecture

Yeran Wang - 1st Year MArch Graduate Architectural Design

Mary-Jane Wood - 1st Year MArch Urban Design

Fiona Zisch 1st Year Research Degree

Barlett School of Construction and Project Management

Sarah Beute - 1st Year MSc Project and Enterprise Management

Ioannis Bompolas - 1st Year MSc Project and Enterprise Management

Alessandro Bronzin - 1st Year MSc Infrastructure Investment and Finance

Jingwei Cheng - 1st Year MSc Project and Enterprise Management

Alina Florea - 1st Year MSc Infrastructure Investment and Finance

Hassan Jaffar - 1st Year MSc Project and Enterprise Management

Vipul Kaushik - 1st Year MSc Construction Economics and Management

Alexandr Kulakov - 1st Year BSc Project Management for Construction

Cassian Mackean - 4th Year BSc Project Management for Construction

Aida Orazbakova - 2nd Year BSc Project Management for Construction

Tabrej Patel - 1st Year BSc Project Management for Construction

Simona Radeva - 1st Year BSc Project Management for Construction

Wolfgang Riess - 3rd Year BSc Project Management for Construction

Maulin Savajani - 1st Year MSc Construction Economics and Management

Carlo Soravia - 2nd Year BSc Project Management for Construction

Georgios Stefanopoulos - 1st Year MSc Construction Economics and Management

Nikolaos Zoidis - 1st Year MSc Construction Economics and Management

Barlett School of Graduate Studies

Javiera Aguirre - 1st Year MSc Sustainable Heritage

Tamer Al El-Khouly - 3rd Year Research Degree

Alaa Alfakara - 1st Year Research Degree

Georgia Cristea - 2nd Year MSc Sustainable Heritage

Carlos Garcia Gonzalo - 1st Year Environmental Design and Engineering

Fani Kostourou - 1st Year MRes Spatial Design: Architecture and Cities

Isidora Larrain - 1st Year MSc Sustainable Heritage

Emily Nix -1st Year Research Degree

Mitakshi Sirsi - 1st Year MSc Environmental Design and Engineering

Booker Washington - 1st Year MSc Adaptive Architecture and Computation

Barlett School of Planning

Jannat Alkhanizi - 1st Year BSc Urban Planning, Design and Management

Martin Arias Loyola - 1st Year Research Degree

Roseanna Barnes-Brett - 3rd Year BSc Urban Planning, Design and Management

Lukas Bartusevicius - 1st Year MSc International Real Estate and Planning

Mathias Berktold - 1st Year MSc Transport and City Planning

Shivani Bhatnagar - 1st Year BSc Urban Planning, Design and Management

Leo Cheung - 1st Year  MRes Adaptive Architecture and Computation

Mashiath Choudhury - 3rd Year BSc Urban Planning, Design and Management

Areena David - 1st Yeae MSc Mega Infrastructure Planning, Appraisal and Delivery

Fiona Davies - 1st Year MSc Spatial Planning

James Demens - 1st Year MSc Planning, Design and Development

Brian Garcia - 1st Year Research Degree

Rossana Guevara Ortiz - 3rd Year BSc Urban Planning, Design and Management

Yara Halaseh - 1st Year MSc International Planning

Yohance Harper - 1st Year MSc International Real Estate and Planning

Elisabeta Ilie - 1st Year Research Degree

Augustinas Indrasius - 2nd Year BSc Urban Planning, Design and Management

Hong Ling - 1st Year BSc Planning and Real Estate

Benyatip Manajitt - 1st Year MSc Sustainable Urbanism

Rachel Marber - 1st Year MSc Urban Regeneration

Melissa Mcdonald - 1st Year MSc International Planning

Ali Miri Disfani - 1st Year MSc Mega Infrastructure Planning, Appraisal and Delivery

Anam Rafiq - 1st Year MSc Transport and City Planning

Azra Rajab - 1st Year MSc Sustainable Urbanism

Anna Roe - 1st Year MSc Spatial Planning

Yixiang Sun - 1st Year Research Degree

Patricia Swiers - 1st Year MSc Urban Regeneration

Jacob Tzegaegbe - 1st Year MSc Mega Infrastructure Planning, Appraisal and Delivery

Yujing Yang - 1st Year MSc Planning, Design and Development

Patrish Zituboh-Zeabie - 2nd Year BSc Planning and Real Estate

Centre of Advanced Spatial Analysis

Oliver Lock - 1st Year MRes Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation

Mahdi Nayebi - 1st Year MRes Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation

Development Planning Unit

Joana Dabaj - 1st Year MSc Building and Urban Design in Development

Yu Demi Liu - 1st Year​ MSc Urband Development Planning

Alice Fourrier - 1st Year MSc Environment and Sustainable Development

Charlotte Knipe - 1st Year MSc Social Development Practice

Maryam Lawal - 1st Year Research Degree

Francesco Mellino - 1st Year MSc Urban Economic Development

Bianca Nardella - 1st Year Research Degree

Julia Tinkov - 1st Year MSc Development Administration and Planning

UCL Energy Institute

Nino Jordan - 1st Year Research Degree

Alex Wang - 1st Year MSc in Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment