University College London Union

Student Choice Teaching Award Winners Announced

Thu, 27/06/2013 - 15:23

Following on from the announcement of nominees for our inaugural Student Choice Teaching Awards, UCLU is delighted to announced our winners. Their achievements will be honoured at the Provost’s Teaching Awards ceremony, which for the first time includes the SCTA’s.

What we said previously:

This year, as part of the Provost Teaching Awards, we have the chance to celebrate outstanding teaching and recognise those that support us in our learning.  The Student Choice Teaching Awards are completely student led – students determine the award categories (Outstanding Teaching, Outstanding Support for Teaching & Outstanding Personal Support), set the criteria, nominate the potential awardees and decide who wins the awards. 

The overarching principle of these awards will be to recognise and reward those who have made an outstanding contribution to the improvement of students’ lives at UCL.  They celebrate those individuals who have gone above and beyond to support teaching and learning. 

Our Education & Campaigns Officer - Edwin Clifford-Coupe said:

“It is a fantastic opportunity to put teaching at the heart of UCL and reward those who give outstanding service to students”

And finally, the winners:

Outstanding Teaching

  • Mr James Frederick Daniel Hales, Institute of Archaeology
  • Mr Daniel Rogger, Department of Economics
  • Mr Mike Rowson, Institute for Global Health
  • Dr Isidoros Strouthos, Department of Mathematics

Outstanding Personal Support

  • Ms Judy Medrington, Institute of Archaeology
  • Dr Isidoros Strouthos, Department of Mathematics

Outstanding Support for Teaching

  • Dr Alastair McClelland, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences
  • Ms Judy Medrington, Institute of Archaeology
  • Dr Julie Pitcher, Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology

Further details on the criteria and development of these awards can be found on our SCTA site.