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Extenuating circumstances, Irregularities, and Grievances.

Thu, 26/04/2012 - 16:57

The exam period is a stressful and important time for everyone who is taking exams. Hopefully, you will get through yours without any major problems, but in case you don’t, UCLU is here to help.

Every year, UCL students have issues – either personal or regulatory – with their exams.

Below are three bits of advice for some of the most common problems; if you have any other problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Rights and Advice Centre.

Extenuating circumstances

If, for whatever reason, you have extenuating circumstances which disrupt your academic activity before or during the exam period, it is vital that you report them promptly. Everyone has a life external to their studies, and if you are experiencing bereavement, illness (physical or mental) or anything else that you believe could be classed as extenuating circumstances, report it immediately to your departmental/programme tutor. 

UCL is much less likely to grant extenuating circumstances retrospectively – so make sure that if you are being affected by something, you report it swiftly. Don’t wait until you get your results!

Rules and Regulations breaches

UCLU Rights and Advice have produced a guide to dealing with allegations of irregularities.


We have also produced a guide to the Grievance Procedure, if you want to take it up.