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Arts Awards Results 2012

By Amy Evans on Tue, 29/05/2012 - 17:14

UCLU celebrated the 2012 Arts achievements in style at the Cafe de Paris, where the winners were announced for all of the major awards. Nominations for these awards are made by students and they are decided upon by a judging panel from Activities Forum. A full list of colours and shortlisted awards can be found here.

Volunteering Society of the Year went to Musical Theatre Society for their weekly after school club for the children at St. Michael’s primary school, Camden, performing for the elderly at the Marchmont Community Centre, and working with the London Theatre Charity ‘Mousetrap Theatre Projects’, where the main aim is to inspire underprivileged young children to embrace the theatre.

Best Publication went to Pi Magazine for the design and content of the magazine which has included high profile interviews, popular regular pieces, and spotlights on bands and photography from UCL.

Best Contributor to the Arts went to Rosie Bannister for being one of the most driven and friendly members of the arts community, and has worked on a huge number of stage crew productions with other societies.

Best Event for a production not in the Bloomsbury or Garage went to ‘What is Love?’ which included a range of performances and allowed students who had not been in productions before to benefit from this wonderful opportunity; over 100 people attended the event and it raised over £600 for charity.

The Arts’ Officer Award went to Ayeisha Thomas-Smith for oustanding artistic talent in her choreography and dancing over the year.

Best Individual Performance went to Callum Gillies for his incredible performance durign ‘the Producers’ which included 15 musical numbers; his rendition of ‘Betrayed’, in which he reinacts the whole show to that point in one song, received its own standing ovation.

Best Collaboration went to Radio Plays, which was a new innovation this year and involved shows being written by Young Writers Society, read out by Drama Society, and recorded by Rare FM.

Best Garage Show went to The Cheese Grater Revue. It was the first Cheese Grater production and was entirely written and produced by UCL students; it was very successful and they will be taking it to Edinburgh this summer.

Best Bloomsbury went to ‘The Producers’ for an unbelievable array of artistic talent, atmosphere and great organisation.

Best Design went to the 1984 set which included a big brother projector, twenty tables for an office, and full-face clone-like make up; these were all complemented by fantastic lighting and stage design.

Best Project went to the Drama society’s Wednesday Workshops, which have been hugely successful and teach members the techniques and skills to improve on their drama experience.

Arts Personality of the Year went to Chris McGuigan. He has been very involved in Jazz and Musical Theatre Societies during his time at UCL, producing a variety of shows over the years. He has also done a large amount of behind the scenes work in his role as Arts Officer this year.

Most Developed Arts Society went to the Drama Society who have had 14 productions, the re-introduction of 24-hour plays, weekly workshops, trips, socials and DramaJam volunteering this year.

Overall Arts Society went to the Musical Theatre Society who have delivered two exceptional Bloomsbury shows and three outstanding Garage productions, successes with the unauditioned ‘Glee Choir’, Gala performances, many social events, have a new improvisation group, have been working with other arts societies on inter-society events, and enriching the wider community with many volunteering projects.

Congratulations to all those shortlisted and who won awards this year! To find out more about getting involved in these societies, please visit our club and society directory and visit the Welcome Fair, which will be held 10.30am-4pm on the 27th and 28th September in the UCL Cloisters.