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Marketing at UCLU

With an audience of 38,000 students based in central London, UCLU offers numerous opportunities for advertisers and recruiters to promote themselves to UCL’s exclusive student body.

Best for graduate employers

UCL is one of the world’s leading academic institutions. As such, our students are among some of the brightest and most ambitious in the UK. Make sure you snap them up before someone else does!

Best for local businesses

Bloomsbury has an enormous student market, and if you can break into it, they’ll be back time and time again. With an eye for a bargain, if you’ve got a good offer, you’d be mad not to let our students know about it. 

Best for charities

UCLU provides discounted rates for charities on many of our services, including the Freshers’ Fair.

Best for global brands

UCL is considered London’s first truly global university. With students from over 140 different countries making up 50% of our numbers, there is no better place to speak to international students.

UCLU offers a wide range of promotional opportunities from our very successful Freshers’ Fair held annually in September, to on-site flyering and postering as well as bespoke packages. Please browse our Media Pack or see below for more details on what we offer.

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