University College London Union

Fairtrade at UCLU

UCLU is committed to promoting Fairtrade products across all its outlets and activities. In this section you can find out more information about the Fairtrade logo, what UCLU has done so far and what we hope to achieve in the future.


Both the College and the Union of UCL are dedicated to creating a Fairtrade campus through selling and using Fairtrade products in campus outlets and activities. For more information on the Fairtrade symbol and what it means at UCLU, have a read through our information section.


The Union and the College jointly signed a Fairtrade policy in 2009 expressing our support of its principles, ethos and aspirations of Fairtrade and our commitment to using, selling and promoting Fairtrade products right across the campus. 


In July 2009 the Executive Director of the Fairtrade Foundation issued UCL with a certificate noting its status as a Fairtrade College.